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The origin of the Bearded Collie lies in the depths of time. There are different opinions on this issue. According to one of them, the homeland of all shepherd dogs was Central Asia. Together with the nomadic tribes they migrated West guarding caravans and herds.

In Scotland, local bearded shepherds were crossed with the ancestors of the Collie, probably brought by the Celts.

The beginning of the official history of the Bearded Collie is 1891 when Thomson Gray published his article "The dog of Scotland", in which the breed is mentioned with its present name.

In 1897 the Scottish Kennel Club held an exhibition in Edinburgh, where the breed was recognized for the first time, thanks to enthusiast Panmur Gordon. Based on the descriptions made by him, was developed the new standard, which remains unchanged almost 60 years.

Physical characteristics

The Bearded Collie has an average sized body. The height varies between 50 and 56 cm and weight - between 20 and 25 kg. The head is large and wide with short muzzle. The ears and tail are hanging. The coat is rough and shaggy with medium length. The patterns can be black, brown, blue or light beige with white and gray spots.

Character and behavior

The Bearded Collie is very intelligent and good-natured dog. He is happy, full of desire for life, with very good temper. Curious by nature, he loves to participate in various games. When it comes to entertainment, this is not a dog that you can easily ignore.

Training and education

Besides being very kind and smart, Bearded Collie puppies are easy to train. They learn quickly and willingly perform what the owner asks. However, you shouldn't scare them with excessive rudeness because they are very sensitive dogs. Praise your pet frequently, even if it is a small thing, you will win even more his love and devotion. And they are really limitless.

During training you should keep in mind that some puppies of this breed are very stubborn and independent. The Bearded Collie is suitable for both people with and without experience in raising dogs.

Health problems

The life expectancy of the Bearded Collie is about 12 to 14 years. There are a number of diseases that are associated with this breed, including thyroid problems, Addison's disease, cataracts, epilepsy, allergies and skin problems. The parents of all puppies for sale should have OFA and CERF certificates.

Grooming and care

The Bearded Collie is quite energetic and need frequent walks. Don't forget that his brothers run all day in the wide fields of Scotland. So spend more time for daily walks with your dog and you will have a happy and carefree pet.

The coat should be brushed daily but bathing could be done only when necessary.

Children and other pets

The Bearded Collie is perfect for families with grown up children. He is obedient and responsible dog, but can be very energetic and lush. He is shepherd by nature and may try to gather small children and animals like they are part of the herd.

Friendly and full of energy, the Bearded Collie is a great companion who gets along well with other pets but is a little reserved to strangers.

Interesting facts

In 1912 in Edinburgh was founded The Society of Lovers of Bearded Collies, but in 1914 World War I interrupted this great endeavor. Only in 1955 in England, with the support of the London Collie club, was open the first club of the Bearded Collie.