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The Mexican Hairless Dog is one of the oldest breeds in the world. It is part of the so-called primitive breeds and is one of the national prides of Mexico. The name of the breed is a combination between the name of god Xolotl and the word ittskuintli which means dog in the language of the Aztecs. There are statuettes dating back five thousand years BC that depict naked Mexican dogs. The main purpose of this breed at the time of the Aztecs was to accompany the soul of the deceased in the underworld known as Mictlan.

Once the Mayan lands were conquered by the Spanish, the Hairless Mexican dogs were killed as part of a pagan cult. In the fifties of the last century, the American Norman Wright decided to search for the surviving members of this ancient breed and managed to find a dozen dogs in small villages. In 1956, the Mexican naked dog was officially recognized as a breed. Until 2007 only dogs that had almost no hair were accepted and the puppies for sale with some fur were almost unsaleable.

Physical characteristics

Dogs of this breed have elegant and proportionate bodies. They are found in three varieties - standard, miniature and small. Their height varies from 25 to 59 cm and their weight - from 4 to 11 kg. The head has broad cheekbones, elongated muzzle, almond-shaped eyes, which are colored to match the color of the body and ears similar to those of a bat. The tail is long and worn down. Coloration can be in different shades - mostly in bronze, taupe or black.

Character and behavior

Lively and playful, but calm and quiet, cheerful and fun, very affectionate – the Mexican naked dog is a truly adorable pet. To strangers, however, it is reserved and alarms for foreign presence immediately, which makes it a good guard.

The Mexican hairless dog is very friendly and loyal, a great companion, strongly attached to its owners.

Training and education

This animal has a strong character, so it is suitable for people with experience in raising dogs. It is very intelligent and can be easily trained, but you should show the little pup who is the boss. The Mexican Hairless dog is sensitive and emotional and can execute commands just to please you. But it will not allow an aggressive approach - this will only make it more stubborn. You need to find the balance between strictness and kindness - this is the perfect approach. Trainers have found that the Mexican naked dog training is easier, if your pet is in a group with other dogs.

Health problems

The average life expectancy of the Mexican naked dog is 20 years. They are prone to dental and skin problems and allergies to food or other drugs, but overall their health is excellent.

Grooming and care

You can raise your Mexican naked dog in an apartment, but it needs serious exercise. You should take care of his skin to protect it from the harmful effects of the sun and frost. These dogs never have fleas and do not cause allergies. Do not bathe your puppy more often than once every two or three months, after bathing, the skin should be smeared with sunscreen.

If the dog is dirty, simply rinse with warm water. Representatives of the breed that have hair should be combed once a week. The Mexican naked dog does not like to stand alone and will follow you everywhere if you let him. It needs to be constantly with his master and required to be cuddled and hugged.

Children and other pets

The Mexican Hairless dog gets along well with older children and other pets. The dogs are suspicious to strangers and other animals, so you must socialize your pet from an early age.

Interesting facts

During the funeral ceremonies of the Aztecs, the tribe chiefs chose a beautiful specimen of the breed and sacrificed it, to be buried along with the deceased. Although the Mexican naked dogs were sacred to the Aztecs, they were also used for food during rituals and sacrifices.

It is believed that this can relieve rheumatism and normalize blood pressure with his touch. The Mexican hairless dog is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest breed of dog in the world. An interesting fact is that the female always gives birth to one hairy puppy that warms his naked brothers and sisters. Because of the complicated name “Xsoloittskuintli”, in many parts of the world the breed is known as Xsolo.