Romagna Water Dog

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Homeland of the Romagna Water Dog, also known as Lago Romagnoli, is Italy. This is actually the grandfather of all water dogs - the Portuguese water dog, the Poodle and others. The name comes from their purpose in the past – they were used to hunt waterfowl. Translated from Italian "Lago" means lake.

Italian scientists believe that the ancestors of this dog were brought to Italy by Turkish sailors whose ships frequently landed on Italian shores. They guarded the boats of the Moors and were highly valued by sailors because of their exceptional resourcefulness and love for water. The breed was formed in the lowlands of Comacchio and Ravenna in northern Italy, and according to E. Raimondi back in 1630 this type dogs were common on the Adriatic coast, where they were used as retrievers. They have been indispensable helpers to hunters in the game-rich lagoons of Italy, where they swam tirelessly and even dive into the icy water, well protected by their characteristic coat. Around the 1800, the lagoons were drained and the qualities of the Lago have been "redirected" in another area - seekers of truffles. These growing underground gourmet mushrooms practically saved the breed from extinction.

Physical characteristics

The Lago Romagnoli has a square body, medium in size. The coat is thick and curly, colored in white, orange or brown. Its height varies from 35 to 49 cm and its weight - 11 to 16 kg. The head is large compared to the body. The muzzle is square, the nose is wide, the eyes are round and the ears are hanging.

Character and behavior

This is an intelligent, friendly and docile dog that easily lends itself to training. It is alert and watchful, paying attention to all the events in its home and outside. The Lago Romagnoli is lively and friendly, even with people it doesn't know yet. This dog is exceptionally good in finding truffles. It loves to show its excellent sense of smell.

Training and education

Puppies become attached to their master very quickly and love to be encouraged by them. An interesting fact is that these dogs prefer flattering instead of treats and food.

Grooming and care

Representatives of the breed can easily be grown in an apartment, but need regular exercise to keep fit and feel good. Their fur needs frequent brushing to have a nice appearance. The hair doesn't fall much, which make the Lago Romagnoli a very good choice for allergic people.

Health problems

The average lifespan is about 16 years. They are prone to hip dysplasia, but generally have perfect health.

Children and other pets

The Lago Romagnoli is a dog that easily finds a common language with other animals. They are lively and playful and make friends easily. In a period, males can become slightly irritable, but these moments are rare and frustration passes very quickly.

These dogs are very attached to the kids in the family and love to play with them. They are more reserved with the children of strangers and need more time to relax.

Keep in mind, that despite its doll looks, the Lago Romagnoli is not a dog toy and will certainly be smart not to treat it so. If a child applies thus to it, the dog will try to get out of its hands and avoid it.

Interesting facts

This breed has many advantages. Despite its fluffy coat, the Lago Romagnoli is not among the dogs that will make your home full of hair. They are also very obedient and great companions. In Italy, puppies for sale are sought after by many older couples who want to have a good friend at home.