Anglo Francais De Petite Venerie

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The Anglo-Français de petite vénerie is a result from the recent crossing (1950) of the Harrier with French hounds like the Poitevin, the Porcelaine, the Petit Gascon Saintongeois and the Petit Bleu de Gascogne. Initially it was called Little Anglo-French. Its current name was given to him in 1978.

Physical characteristics

The Anglo-Français de petite vénerie is a balanced and solidly built dog. The head is elongated but not too wide with straight or slightly arched muzzle. The eyes are large and brown with sweet and lively expression. Members of this breed are strong, with wide front and muscular hindquarters, with hocks near the ground.

Character and behavior

The nature of the Anglo-français de petite vénerie is very nice, it's peaceful and friendly animal that does not suffer from excessive aggressiveness. Anglo-French hound becomes attached to his master, but often do not reveal their true, deep feelings and behave with restraint. The dog is obedient and does not show stubbornness. One of the best and most impressive hunting breeds were used to obtain these varieties. English blood has given the dog strong physics, bone structure and strength, power and energy, while French blood gave him an acute sense of smell and high-pitched voice. In France a lot of hunters are looking for puppies for sale of this breed ,mostly because the Anglo-français de petite vénerie can chase both big and small prey.

Training and education

The Anglo-français de petite vénerie is easy to train even by inexperienced owners and hunters. This dog will have serious problems to adapt in the city, so if you want to see your dog truly happy, give him the opportunity to live as close to the nature as possible. The Anglo-français de petite vénerie puppy needs regular exercises, long walks and open spaces. Large specimen of the breed are used to hunt in "Chasse-a-Courre", which means that the pack chasing prey and kill her. The other type of hunting is called "Chasse-a-tir", in which one dog, or the whole pack chasing prey against guns. This form is mainly used for hunting wild boar and rabbits.

Health problems

Unfortunately, Anglo-français de petite vénerie dogs have some specific health problems - diseases of the joints at a young age, therefore puppies of this breed should not undergo great physical exertion. The life expectancy of these dogs is about 12 years.

Grooming and care

The Anglo-Francais de petite vénerie requires a little maintenance, a regular brushing should be enough. His coat should be cleaned regularly and the ears should be reviewed frequently for signs of contamination. These dogs do shed a lot and soon all your furniture and cloths will be covered with hair.

Children and other pets

The Anglo-Francais de petite vénerie get along well with children, but make no mistake – small animals are a prey for him. You can easily say that this is more a working dog then a family one.

Interesting facts

Today the dogs of this breed are mainly used in hunting foxes, rabbits and game birds, demonstrating excellent orientation and efficiency in any place, even in the mountains in wet and dry climate. One of the biggest advantages of this little dog is his superb sense of smell. During the hunt these dogs are able to develop exceptional speed without loosing the trail!