Ibizan Warren Hound Ibizan Podenco

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The origin of this greyhound is shrouded in mystery. Many experts think that this is one of the first breeds. Indeed, Egyptian artifacts from before 5300-5900 years have seen depicted dogs with a very similar look to that of the hound from Ibiza. Probably the Pharaonic dog originates from the same ancient animal. The breed was registered in the American Kennel Club in 1978.

Physical characteristics

Hound of Ibiza has a very interesting look. It has an elongated body, neck and legs, flat skull and really large, triangular and erect ears. The height of the male representatives can vary between 66 and 72 cm, the females are shorter–about 60 to 67 cm. The eyes are transparent and small, the color can be caramel or amber. The tail is set low. The length of the coat is between 4 and 7 cm and not less than 5 cm. The color may be red (Sable), white, or a combination of both.

Character and behavior

The gentle and lovable nature of the Hound of Ibiza makes it a very adorable puppy. For the Ibizan Hound the contact with people is essential. Physically it is not at all adapted to the cold weather, which means that this breed cannot be grown in a yard. As a pet, this hound is very quiet, obedient and clean. Easily included in your everyday life as part of the family. This dog is extremely reticent and aloof with strangers and will uncompromisingly defend your home. This caution never becomes over-aggression, but is a vigilance until the dog is satisfied that the "intruder" poses no potential danger. Than the Hound of Ibiza is more likely to occur only indifference and not to manifest any desire to caress or to require stranger's attention to itself.

Training and education

It is a very sensitive dog and while growing it needs a harmonious and peaceful environment - can easily be shocked from scandal and tension in the house. High tones, angry voices, and yelling will make your puppy feel the most unhappy and despised creature. Its striking ability to jump higher(2 meters are no problem at all) means that a fence in your yard is highly desirable. Hound of Ibiza is a good choice for families or single owners who have enough time for training and games.

Health problems

The life expectancy of the Ibizan Podenco is about 12-14 years. There are several health problems, you should know about. Such issues may include: thyroid problems, cardio-vascular problems,allergies to certain drugs and medications, deafness and seizures,. Parents of all puppies for sale must have CERF and OFA certificates.

Grooming and care

Maintenance requirements of the Ibizan Hound are quite simple. You need tokeep the hair in good condition. You can comb once or twice a week and clean it with a wet towel. The fur of this dog doesn't fall, which makes the breed perfect people who have allergies.

Children and other pets

The Ibizan Podenco is very good to children and play with incomparable enthusiasm with them. Incredibly kind and loyal to the owners. Overall, the Hound of Ibiza gets along very well with other dogs and could accept even a cat in the house if they are grown together. Still, do not forget that this is a natural hunter, and this requires caution when it comes to animals in the nature or small pets at home.

Interesting facts

The Podenco Ibizenco's most typical characteristic is its big straight ears.