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Finnish Lapphund (in Finnish: Suomenlapinkoira) is a breed of dog originating from Finland. It belongs to the Spitz and Shepherd type. It is an ancient breed, known for many thousands of years in his homeland Lapland. Representatives of the breed are good caretakers of livestock herds, hunters and friends.

Today, the Finnish Lapphund is considered as a good-natured and gentle dog, suitable for growing at home, especially popular in Scandinavia. Although it is an extremely rare breed outside their region, the Finnish Lapphund is recognized by the English and American Kennel Club. Accordingly, in 1988 and in 2011.

Physical characteristicsThe Finnish Lapphund has a healthy medium-sized body, covered with thick, straight and long, waterproof coat. Coloration occurs in black, tan, white, brown and gold. Some dogs have spots in cream, gray, black, white and tan. The height of the representatives of the breed varies from 40 to 52 cm and their weight is around 20-22 kg. The head has broad cheekbones and an elongated snout. The eyes are dark in color and oval shaped. The ears are erect, and the tail is fluffy and carried curled over the back.

Character and behavior

This is a very social dog, loves to receive affection and attention from the owners. Despite the fact that some people are reluctant to show their feelings and are more restrained, these dogs are definitely able to melt even the most frozen heart. Interestingly, the Finnish Lapphund is able to love all family members equally.

The puppy is always ready for new acquaintances and it is recommended to socialize it with other pets and people. This breed is not suitable for watchdog since he'll probably enjoy each new guest in your home, be it a friend or intruder.

Training and education

The Finnish Lapphund is inquisitive and likes to learn, so training will not be difficult. This breed has the qualities to achieve serious results in quite kinds of sports, including competitions in obedience, steeplechase and Frisbee. Despite everything, however, it is not as docile and agile in training as the Labrador Retriever, therefore, it needs a teacher with confidence and approach that will be able to realize the potential of this dog.

Moreover, some representatives of the breed can be quite stubborn and capricious. Then you need to strengthen the methods of training. Definitely you should not use hard and threatening approaches, as they surely will have no effect.

Health problems

The life expectancy of the Finnish Lapphund is about 17 years. A very small percentage of these dogs develop hip dysplasia and have eye problems.

Grooming and care

The coat needs moderate care. It is better to comb it every three days. In the summer, you could trim his fur to make him feel more comfortable in th hot days. Do not bathe your pet frequently, it is not good for his hair.

This breed is not suitable for growing in warm climate areas and apartment, as it needs space to spend its energy.

Children and other pets

The Finnish Lapphund gets along very well with children and other pets. With strangers could behave suspiciously, but not aggressively. Always warns their owners with barking, when felt threatened, which makes it a good watchdog.

Interesting facts

Dogs resembling the Finnish Lapphund have existed more than 7000 years ago. They were used for guarding duties and herding for several centuries, and today some dogs still perform this work.

The Finnish Lapphund has common ancestors with the Lapponian Herder - their bloodlines originate from the working dogs in Lapland. In the beginning they were classified as one breed, but were later recognized as separate breeds with different standards.

Although the breed is popular, puppies for sale are still hard to find outside Finland.