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Akita is a Japanese breed of dogs. The name of the breed comes from Akita Prefecture, where these dogs originated. In Japan, this breed is one of the national treasures, a symbol of loyalty and friendship. According to the Japanese people a gift figurine or doll Akita brings a lot of health and happiness.

Most probably the ancestors of the breed are the dogs Matagis inu originated from the mountain Ode in 8th century and used for hunting bears and boars. The Akita puppies in their modern version appeared in 18th century, when hunting is prohibited and they were used as guard dogs.

Physical characteristics

Akita is a fairly large dog. The height for males is in the range 64-70 cm, and for females - 58-64 cm. The weight varies between 38 and 50 kg. These dogs have a stocky build, with a slightly elongated body.

The Akita's coat is hard from the outside, but has a thick and dense undercoat. The patterns can be in any colour, even a tiger, but the most common are gray, reddish-black or pale yellow with a black mask. The dog may have white spots on the chest, legs, belly and tail tip, but not the head.

The head of the Akita is big with a strong skull. The ears are small and the tail is spiral, pressed nearly against the back and hips.

Character and behavior

Akita are extremely athletic, strong, self-confident and proud dogs. They are devoted to their owners "to the grave". These are some of the most primitive dogs in the world and still very similar to the wolf. They defend their puppies and territory even with aggression.

It is in the Akita nature to run on rough terrain and arctic conditions. With their long legs and strong muscles they can climb steep and very deep snow.

If you encounter a nice and calm dog of this breed, you should know someone has put a lot of work to achieve this.

Training and education

It is not recommended to raise an Akita puppy in an apartment. If you do not have another option though, you should provide him the necessary heavy and frequent walks.

Unlike some breeds that fall lazy, this breed does not have this quality. These dogs love to be in nature and enjoy running and long walks.

The need for early learning is one of the most important things you need to have in mind if you looking for Akita puppies for sale . These dogs are large and powerful and can hurt you. Therefore, you must build a relationship with them quite early to to be able to teach the puppy to follow you and not be leader.

Health problems

Like all the large breeds, Akita suffers from hip dysplasia and Dilation - a life-threatening swelling and twisting of the stomach.

The average life expectancy of Akita is 10-13 years, although there are some cases of dogs of the breed who have lived over 15 years.

Grooming and care

Due to the thickness of the coat, the breed requires regular shape, and continuous access to water, especially in warm weather.

Grooming the Akita may create problems. This is a dog with long hair that falls anywhere so it needs regular combing. This will avoid mats that will otherwise occur and lead to further problems.

Children and other pets

Akita behave very well with grown up and attentive children, but may show aggression to other dogs, so it is advisable to introduce them to other dogs at early age to avoid their negative behavior. It would be hard for these dogs to get used to smaller animals in the family.

You must bear in mind that the nature of these dogs is to be suspicious when it comes to strangers. But it is up to you to educate them while still puppies and not let them show aggression.

Interesting facts

Hachiko is the most popular Akita dog. It is known for his loyalty to its master–the dog waited at a train station many years after his master died.

In 1987 in Japan a movie was made, telling the story of Hachiko. In 2009 Hollywood released the movie "Hachiko: A Dog's Tale" with Richard Gere in the main role.