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Home ofthe Yorkshire Terrier (often called "York") is the county of Yorkshire, UK. In the middle of the19th century, people from Scotland arrived in Yorkshire looking for work and took small dogs with them.

It is known that this animal originated from three different dogs, the male Old Crab, Kitty, and another unknown bitch. Some experts believe that the representatives of the Maltese are also used in breeding. The initial classification of the breed was very confused and they were presented in exhibitions in various categories. Back in the 1800, almost every dog that had blue hair, light tan or silver legs and head, and cropped tail, was perceived as a Yorkshire. But at the end of 1860, a terrier called Huddersfield Ben (property of Mary A. Foster) imposed the breed standard as it is now. As a multiple winner at dog shows, Huddersfield Ben was the dog admired by everyone and puppies for sale of its gene were very expensive. This exclusive dog is known as "father of all Yorkies".

In North America, the breed was imported in 1873, and was registered in the American Kennel Club in 1885.The popularity of the breed fell in the 40's of the twentieth century, when percentage of registered dogs dropped to a record low of 18%.

The American Kennel Club ranks the Yorkshire terrier at sixth place in popularity in the US of all pure breeds for 2012 and 2013.

Physical characteristics

The Yorkshire Terrier is 23 cm high and weights 2 to 3 kg. There are specimens that weight about four kilograms, but they are considered a deviation from standard of the breed. The main characteristic of this breed is its silky, shiny and long hair. It should be straight and reach the floor. An older Yorkshire terrier has a coat with a steel dark color, which may be slightly blue. Head, chest and limbs are golden or Cloudy. Small Yorkies are born black, but their color changes with age. Nose is black, eyes are dark, almond-shaped with a black outline. Ears are small and erect. Tail is docked when the Yorkshire Terrier is 5 days old.

Character and behavior

This small dog has a honor to be one of the most popular breeds in the world. It is lively, sociable and adaptable creature. Loving and loyal, while bold and confident, this dog is suitable for both experienced and inexperienced owners. It is a perfect companion, because it loves to be cuddled and spoiled. At the same time, however, the terrier is witty, clever and inquisitive.

Training and education

Although small, the Yorkshire Terrier is very smart. It can be taught to all simple commands. Training in early stages of its life should not be for more than five minutes a day. Puppies will be happy to perform commands if you praise them not only with a kind word and stroke, but also with their favorite treat.

Health problems

Yorkshire Terriers often suffer from twisting of a knee cap. In addition, they are susceptible to various diseases of liver and pancreas. Sometimes they have problems with low blood sugar levels. This breed is also allergic to different types of food as well as medicines. Improper nutrition can lead to various diseases of stomach. A lifespan is 13 to 16 years.

Grooming and care

You should be aware that the Yorkshire Terrier should be protected from wind, overheating and frost. The most complex care is for the fur. It must be constantly combed to look good. If you do not have enough time, it is better to cut it short.

Moreover Yorkshire terrier needs regular exercise and a chance to run at will. These dogs love to have toys and even sleep with them.

Children and other pets

This dog is full of energy and enjoys every opportunity to play. However, this should happen only in safe places, given a fact that it is energetic, fast and voracious hunter that can run away. It may be hurt by larger dogs, so it should not be placed outside unattended. Despite its small size, the Yorkshire Terrier is always trying to dominate other dogs. When it comes to children, it is suitable for older, kind children, because rude and clueless kids can easily hurt it.

Interesting facts

In 1997 Ozmilion Mystification became the first Yorkshire terrier that won Best in Show award at a biggest dog show in the world - Crufts.

Sylvia, a Yorkey with size of a box of matches, owned by Arthur Marples from Blakbarn, is the smallest dog in history. It died in 1945 when he was 2 years, 6.35 cm high and 8.90 cm long, weighing only 113 grams.