Slovakian Chuvach

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These White Mountain dogs are descendants of northern wolves from the Ice Age and are preserved in the cold European mountain areas - most notably in the Balkans, especially in Rhodope, northern slopes of Caucase, in some parts of Carpates, of Abruzzes, of Alpes et of Pyrénées. The Slovakian Chuvach or Slovensky Cuvac is a very old breed, derived precisely from these White Mountain dogs, which are descendants of Arctic wolves. This theory is confirmed by ruins found along the borders with glaciers.

This is an excellent guard dog. Not surprisingly, its name "Cuvac" in Slovak means "hear" and expressing its qualities of vigilance. With an extinction of wolves in the European mountains and withadvent of modern methods of protecting herds, the Slovakian Chuvach almost completely disappeared. It is good that there are always dog lovers who save the breeds. Dr. Antonin Hruza began in 1929 to restore the Chuvach, thanks to a program used in veterinary schools. In 1933 he created a Club of the breed, and in 1964 the standard was drafted. Five years later, the Slovakian Chuvach was recognized internationally.

Physical characteristics

As with all mountain dogs, the Slovakian Chuvach has a solid square structure with an imposing appearance and thick white coat. It has been accustomed to harsh climate of the Slovakian mountains - the Tatras.

The dog's eyes are dark brown with a round shape. Ears are set high and are very mobile. They are moderately long, hanging and close fitting to head. Muzzle is black. Coat is about ten centimeters long, it is shortest on head and extremities, otherwise it is very dense, without forming clumps on tail and hips. A lower layer of coat is fine, but abundant and is loose in summer. Coloration is white with possible yellowish tint around ears. Males are 62 to 70 cm high, and females – from 59 to 65 cm. Average weight ranges from 30 to 45 kg.

Character and behavior

The Slovakian Chuvach is a vital, energetic, resourceful and brave dog that very efficiently handles attacks of bears and wolves. At a same time it is obedient, faithful to their owners and affectionate.

The dog is not aggressive, it is enough for it to bark to chase away unwanted visitors. If a stranger is predator, it will stop at nothing and became a fighter to protect its family.

Training and education

This breed is easy to train. Once it grows up, it shows little interest in games, so you need to provide long walks in open spaces.

Grooming and care

Thick white coat requires brushing at least once a week to be healthy. If it is dirty, you can rub coat with talc. However, despite thick coat, the dog does not need any special care because it is generally clean.

If you live in an apartment, you have to protect your fragile items. The Slovakian Chuvach can be left alone at home, but not for a long period of time. It does not tolerate different modes of transport and frequent travel.

Health problems

This large and strong dog has an excellent health. It rarely gets sick and do not suffer from any particular pathologies. Average life expectancy is high given its large size - about 12-13 years.

Children and other pets

The Slovakian Chuvach is a true family companion, gentle and playful with children. Usually does not gets along well with other dogs.

Interesting facts

The first kennel was founded in Svitavy and Brno (Slovakia) and was called "Ze studny zlaté" (the golden fountain). Currently registered dogs of this breed in Slovakia are more than 800, but puppies for sale can be found also in Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Croatia.