Hungarian Wire haired Pointing Dog

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The creating of the Hungarian Wire-haired Pointing Dog began in 1930. It was noticed that some dog's fur is tougher and longer. Hunters back than needed dogs who can work in severe conditions, protected from thorns, cold and water. One specimen was crossed with German Drathaar from the breeder Josef Vashash.

The Wire-haired Vizla has a close relative - the rare Long-haired Vizla. The Hungarian Long-haired Pointing Dog is not registered in any Kennel organization, but they can be seen everywhere in Eastern Europe.

The Wire-haired Vizla is not recognized by the AKC and is considered a very rare breed.

Physical characteristics

This is a medium in size, elegant hunting dog with a noble look and rusty short golden hair. The body is quite long and elegant. The depth of the chest wall is ½ of the height. The muzzle is slightly smaller than that of the cranial part of the skull. The fur's structure emphasizes harmony between beauty and strength. The coat is short and hard, close-fitting to the skin. On the ears and head the hair is shorter and softer. On the underside of the tail the coat is slightly longer, but hardly prominent. There is no undercoat.

The Hungarian Wire-haired Vizla has different shades of golden-tan. The ears can be more dark. Red, brown or light shade colors are undesirables. White spots on the pharynx and chest are allowed, but not more than 6 cm. The color of the lips and around the eyes should harmonize with the color of the nose.

The average height of the males is between 57 and 64 cm, the females are a little shorter – 53 to 60 cm. The weight can vary between 20 and 27 kg.

Character and behavior

The Hungarian Wire-haired Pointing dog is a universal hunting breed, who can work in field, forest or water. These hounds possess a wonderful sense of smell, innate desire to retrieve and stable (rigid stand) in front of the game. They love the water, and are strongly attached to their owners. Can do the job in all conditions and terrain, excellent and rapidly adapt to all weather conditions. It can be an excellent companion because it has wonderful character and is easy trainable. This Vizla has a balanced temperament, with cheerful and friendly nature. The perfect breed for families with or without children.

Training and education

The Hungarian Wire-haired Pointing Dog can be trained fairly easily. The desire to maintain continuous contact with the master is one of the essential qualities of the breed. Does not tolerate mistreatment. Representatives of the breed shouldn't be aggressive nor fearful or timid.

Health problems

This Vizla suffers from some genetic diseases typical of the breed, including hip dysplasia, epilepsy, lymphosarcoma (a cancer of the lymphatic system), hypothyroidism and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA). The average life expectancy is about 13 - 15 years.

Grooming and care

We do not recommend to raise your puppy in an apartment. These dogs are very active, they need space and time to run and play.

The coat is hard and harsh, without any gloss. It is easy to maintain - brush it a couple of times a week. Bathing can be done only when necessary, but use only dry shampoo. The nails should be trimmed at least once a week.

Children and other pets

These dogs get along very well with children and love to play with them for hours. Keep in mind that this is a very energetic animal and can hurt small kids and toddlers. The Hungarian Wire-haired Pointing Dog is a hunting breed and could chase and kill small animals like guinea pigs, rabbits and hamsters. In general, they are not aggressive towards other dogs.

Interesting facts

Along with the Long-haired Vizla, this breed is very rare and puppies for sale are very hard to find, especially outside Hungary and some other Central European countries.