French White and Orange Hound

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The real story of the French Hound probably will never be found out since all the breeders from the past didn't leave us any documents or records. However, canine historians claim that this dog was created from crosses between now extinct English and French hounds. It is also possible that several types of French Pointing Dog (French Braque) were used too. Some specialists think that the most significant part of the development of the French White and Orange Hound had the Billy.

The breed was near extinction after the two World wars. But thanks to a group of French hunters and responsible breeders, these dogs were saved. The French Hound was recognized by FCI in 1957.

Physical characteristics

The French White and Orange Hound, also known as Francais Blanc et Orange, is a rustic and large dog with unique coat color. This big hound is calm and obedient, which makes it an ideal companion. The height is between 63 and 70 cm, the weight is about 25 – 30 kg. It has a long and large head with well pronounced stop. The black nose has a remarkable sensitivity. The eyes are dark and large, the ears are set low. The legs are strong, slightly elongated, giving this animal the ability to run fast for a long periods of time. The back is straight and broad, the tail is long, the chest is broad. This hound has a shiny coat in orange and white.

Character and behavior

With its great stamina and incredible scenting sense, the French White and Orange Hound is the perfect hunting dog. It is agile and powerful - a tireless worker. This hound is among the few hunting dogs that can become perfect family pets. This is a patient, calm and obedient animal, strongly attached to its master. Although this is not the typical watch dog, your hound will warn you for every strange situation or danger. The French White and Orange Hound is a perfect pet for an active owner who have the time to provide this dog with everyday activities and exercises.

Training and education

This breed is calm and friendly, always eager to impress its owner. The French White and Orange Hound is very intelligent, which makes it a quick learner. It responds very well to positive methods of education. Avoid heavy-handed methods at all cost, this can lead to behavior problems.

Health problems

Like almost all hunting dogs, this hound is prone to elbow dysplasia and hip dysplasia, demodex mange, eye infections, skin allergies, hound ataxia and ear infections.

The average life span is about 12 – 14 years.

Grooming and care

You should brush the coat of your puppy couple of times a week to keep it clean and healthy. Bathe your pet only when necessary, a simple wet towel is enough for its everyday hygiene.

As a highly active breed, this hound needs lots of mental and physical stimulation. You will make your dog very happy if you give him different tasks or just play with him in the yard. These hounds can adjust to live in an apartment, but it is better to raise them in a house in the countryside, where they will have the opportunity to run and play in open space.

Children and other pets

As most hounds, Francais Blanc et Orange is nice and kind with children and likes to play with them. This dog is a little too energetic and active to be left alone with a toddler, so do not leave your small kids unattended.

These hounds usually don't show any aggression towards other dogs or pets. However, they are natural hunters and could chase small animals, rodents and cats.

Interesting facts

Keep in mind that an under exercised hound could develop bad behavioral problems such as hyper activity indoors, destructiveness or barking.

Puppies for sale of this breed are still hard to find outside France and some parts of Belgium.