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At the end of the 19th century a number of Yorkies were imported from England in Australian states of Victoria and New South Wales. Amateur breeders mixed the larger Yorkshire with some of their Australian terriers. Some of the puppies resembled Australian terriers, others - Yorkshire and some were different. Exactly the last kind was the ancestor of the Australian Silky Terrier. Originally in 1906 in the state of Victoria there were two breed standards. Later, in 1926, they were fixed and was drafted a new version of the standard.

Physical characteristics

The Australian Silky Terrier is a small dog with sharp, straight ears and a docked tail. Colors are blue with brown, monochrome red and sandy. The coat is straight and rigid, the undercoat is short and soft. The head is long and strong. The length of the muzzle is approximately equal to the length of the skull. Seen from the front and side the skull is large and flat, slightly longer than wide. The muzzle is strong and powerful, the lips are thick, dark brown with black edges. The nose is black and the teeth are well developed with a scissor bite.

The average height of the Australian Silky Terrier is between 23 and 26 cm and weight between 3 and 6 kg.

Character and behavior

These dogs are playful, bold and impulsive. They are like small toys that do not stop to run around and play with something. Their impulsive and energetic nature makes them perfect pets for balanced young people who have time and energy to play with them.

Despite their small size, these dogs have the true character of terriers. They love to hunt their prey (mostly rodents). The little Australian Terrier is very intelligent and an ideal companion, which makes him the perfect family pet. These dogs are usually strongly attached to their owners. If you are calm your dog will be calm, if you're happy and excited he is happy too.

Training and education

The Australian Silky Terrier can adapt to any environment, but before buying a puppy, take in consideration the time you'll need to spend. They require a lot of care - walking, activities, bathing, combing and many more. The routine bore them quickly, so training should be fun and challenging. Because of their independent nature they must think that training is entirely their idea.

The breed was created to hunt rodents and their instinct to chase and kill small animals like squirrels, rabbits, mice and even cats is quite strong.

Health problems

In general the Australian Silky Terrier is a healthy dog, but there are some diseases that occur more frequently such as allergies, skin problems and diabetes.

The average life expectancy of this small dog is between 12 and 15 years.

Grooming and care

This is an “indoor breed” and is quite often accepted as member of the family. The Australian Silky Terrier doesn't really like long walks, and after each walk you should take care of the fur and paws of your pet.

Recently the accessories for these puppies became quite popular and you can furnish your pet by buying it clothes, shoes and a variety of other accessories.

Maintaining the Australian Silky Terrier's hairs is quite easy. It requires daily brushing and a nice bath. Of course the nails should be cleaned regularly. Ears are erect and must be cleaned only when necessary.

Children and other pets

If you have chosen this breed and are already looking for puppies for sale, you should know that the Australian Silky Terrier is very wary of strangers and it will take some time to adapt to all the family members. This breed is very clean and friendly to other pets. If the puppy grows up in the company of children, they will get along together very well.

If you have other pets you need to teach your Terrier that these animals are not a prey and there is no need to chase and bite them. This can be quite a difficult task and it is best to avoid small pets in the house. This dog can learn to live with cats, but should get use to them from an early age.

Interesting facts

It may sound ridiculous but this little Australian Terrier will do everything to protect your home while you are away. Despite his small size, he has the heart of a lion. He not only incredibly brave, but also filled with boundless affection for its owner.