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It is believed that the poodle came from French hunting dogs, which in turn are descendants of dogs brought to Europe by African Moors. These dogs were crossed with Spanish breeds and thus emerged a new breed with curly hair. Initially, the Poodle was used for hunting waterfowl. In the court of French King Louis XVI poodles become pets and was considered a fine addition to any aristocratic family. In the 18th century, this dog got its modern name. Previously, it was known as a water dog or a dog for hunting ducks.

Physical characteristics

Today, there are four types of poodles. These are the royal poodle, which is high to 58 cm, the average poodle - with a height of 45 cm, mini poodle - high up to 35 cm, and the dwarf poodle. It has a height of 28 cm and is a decorative dog.

The traditional color of curly coat of the poodle is black or white. But thanks to the work of breeders in recent decades, there are brown poodle, silver and even poodles with apricot coat color. The muzzleis long. The eyes are almond-shaped dark brown or amber color depending on the color of the hair of the dog. The color of the nose depends on the coat color.

Character and behavior

The Poodle is good-natured, very intelligent, adaptive and sensitive dog that needs the company of its owners.

Training and education

Poodles lend themselves easily to education and even a child can teach them to execute commands. They are fun and energetic dogs that loves to play and run.

Health problems

Most often poodles suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, mainly of gastritis and ulcers. Often these diseases arise because of poor nutrition. In the development of gastritis dog can become sluggish and do not even want to go outside. Poodles are prone to diseases of the oral cavity which may lead to early loss of teeth. This breed is also prone to diseases associated with metabolism, the most frequent is the occurrence of bladder stones. Poodles also often suffer from diseases of the ears, so you have to monitor their condition. The life expectancy is between 12 and 15 years.

Grooming and care

Before you choose from a number of puppies for sale, you should be aware that the representatives of this breed needs serious care for their fur. You should brush it every day and go to a professional hairdresser periodically. There are different styles, typical for this breed. One of the most popular is the so-called lion's hair, in which the crest is formed on the dog, the body is clipped so that it is smooth, and on the body and at the end of the tail are left curly balls. Poodle haircuts take a long time. If you want your poodle to keep its haircut long after bathing, you should not allow the dog to lie on one side. The coat is brushed by pulling gently in the opposite direction of growth, while still wet. Otherwise, it curls a lot and it is impossible to be leveled even with a haircut.

Children and other pets

These dogs are very gentle with children and are friendly to strangers and other pets. Representatives of the breed like to bark, but are never aggressive.

Interesting facts

Poodles were part of the army of the French emperor Napoleon, who by a special decree made this breed part of the officer's equipment. Soldiers took the poodles on the battlefield by wearing them in bags. When an officer was injured, the dog jumped out of the bag and attract the attention of a doctor with its barking.

The composer Richard Wagner brought a poodle to rehearsals, since during a false playing, the poodle would start to bark loudly.