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It is believed that the Caucasian Shepherd comes from the Tibetan Mastiff. It was created centuries ago by the Caucasian sheep farmers who needed a dog to protect their herds from predators and thieves. Because of his fighting and responsible nature, his aggression toward strangers and large size, the dog did his job perfectly, enduring the low mountain temperatures.

The breed is most popular in Russia, where were held the first exhibitions. In 1765 these animals were used as guard dogs in the Turkish army.

It was first described as a breed in 1845 and was approved by FCI in 1976. In 1960 Caucasian Shepherd dogs appeared on the territory of East Germany, where they are used as patrol dogs, mostly around the Berlin Wall. In 1989 when the wall fall, over 7,000 dogs were dispersed. Most of them were hosted by German families.

Physical characteristics

The bone structure of the Caucasian Shepherd is massive, with well developed muscles. The head is large and flat. The muzzle is slightly pointed, with very strong jaws and a scissor bite. The ears are set high, hanging. The eyes are almond-shaped, dark in color. The feet are round and large. Fur is coarse, straight with a strong light undercoat. Coloration can be gray, brown, light yellow, red or spotted.

Males reach over 60 kg in weight and 70 centimeters in height.

Character and behavior

The Caucasian Shepherd is an intelligent, bold and confident dog who is very loyal to his owners. He is strongly attached to the family, whether among its members are elderly, children, cats, dogs or other pets. Despite this, however, he accepts only one "master" and is guided by his orders. Dogs of this breed are hardy, undemanding, alert and even vicious. They are aggressive towards strangers.

Training and education

To achieve strong relations, especially at a young age, the puppy should not be left without supervision and compromising education. You need to spend a lot of time in training and games together.

The Caucasian Shepherds are very intelligent and smart dogs, but also very headstrong. Therefore, they are difficult to train. However, with enough perseverance of the owner, the dog can successfully pass the general course of dressage.

If not properly trained, this ferocious dog may exhibit uncontrollable aggression. On the other hand the breed is extremely loyal to his master and will defend it to the death in any situation.

The breed is suitable for people with experience who own a farm or a ranch. The owner of the Caucasian Shepherd must remember that power, cruelty and punishment are not the best way to train this dog. Remember - there is enough natural aggression in this breed. In combination with the explosive character and determination, this can lead to big problems.

Health problems

The average life span of the Caucasian Shepherd is about 12 years. Like all large breeds, this one is also prone to hip dysplasia, and furthermore to heart problems. Still, the overall health of these dogs is good.

Grooming and care

It is not recommended to be grown in an apartment. This dog needs a large space and is very active. The breed is ideal caretaker of the family, property or livestock.

Voluminous fur helps them through the winter, but is a burden during hot summer days. You should provide frequent brushing and cool place.

There are three types of Caucasian Shepherds - long-haired, short-haired and something in between. The best option is the interim.

This is the most successful and reliable watchdog. If you are unsure which protective breed to choose from a number of puppies for sale, Caucasian Shepherd is the best choice for you.

Children and other pets

Kind and sweet to family members, this dog is suspicious of strangers and other animals.

Interesting facts

People say: "The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is not for everyone." But do not forget that education plays the main role in the behavior of the dog, not the breed.

Caucasian Shepherd comes from the Caucasus Mountains between the Black and the Caspian seas and is one of the oldest Mastiff breeds.