Halden Hound

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For the first time the breed was mentioned by Beckmann in 1895. Pure breeding began in the southern city of Halden. Generally recognized only in 1950, the breed was already disappearing. Because of the hard work of a group of enthusiasts, today the breed is more common. This dog is prized by hunters in Norway because of his exceptional hunting instincts and his ability to hunt in very difficult conditions - deep snow, mountainous terrain, freezing temperatures, dense forests. The Halden Hound is believed to originate from crosses between selected Norwegian hounds with English, French, German and even Russian hounds. Others think that the breed is a mix of American foxhound, beagle and other hounds. But whatever the origin is, definitely this is a very reliable hunting dog with a calm and friendly temperament. Despite these qualities, puppies for sale cannot be found outside Norway.

Physical characteristics

The Halden Hound, also known as Haldenstover, is a dog of medium size with strong and muscular construction. The body is elongated. The transition from forehead to muzzle is clear. The ears are of medium size, slightly pushed back. The chest is deep, with pronounced ribs, the back is straight and slightly wider at the waist.

Character and behavior

This is a great hunting dog. Who loves all family members and perform perfectly every task. His good nature and the lack of aggression, even for strangers, makes him a a perfect companion and a bad guard. The Halden Hound is good-natured and cheerful, polite and very attentive to everyone. Furthermore, it is not very suitable for typical home dog as its hunting instincts are very strong.

Training and education

The training of these puppies will be a difficult process, even for people with experience in raising dogs and especially for those without. Typical of almost all hunting breeds is their stubbornness and expression of independence. This also applies for the Halden. In order to find common ground with your pet and "common language", you will have to act consistently, avoiding to be rude and unfair. Your pet needs intense exercise to maintain good physical and mental shape. The best thing you can do about it, and that will bring the greatest happiness to your hound, is going hunting.

Health problems

This dog possesses extremely hardy organism that withstands all weather conditions. Representatives of this breed are the epitome of perfect health for a pet. You need to check only the eyes and ears of your puppy. The average life expectancy is about 12 – 13 years.

Grooming and care

Raising a Halden Hound in an apartment will be torture for you and for your pet. Even very long walks cannot replace the space and freedom of a house with a large yard or the wide forests where you can hunt with your dog.

The coat does not require special care. It is enough to comb once a week. After hunting, check your friend for stabbing thorns or pesky ticks.

Children and other pets

As mentioned, the Halden Hound has a good-natured character, which helps when it comes to relations with other pets and dogs. This extremely playful and fun-loving animal is very attentive and inquisitive with children. It will not hurt them, but on the contrary - will be interested in their attention.

Interesting facts

A long separation with the owner or lack of activity and exercise can cause behavior problems to your pet, makes him feel restless and sad. This hound can't hunt in packs, but only alone with the owner.

The breed is recognized by UKC and FCI but is still not accepted by AKC.

Puppies for sale are very hard to find outside Norway.