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The early history of the American Akita is similar to the history of the Japanese Akita. Ii 1603 in the Akita region, as fighting dogs were used Akita Matagis, medium-sized dogs hunting bears. From 1868 Akita Matagis were crossed with Mastiffs. As a consequence the growth of Akita dogsincreased, but characteristics associated with Spitz type were lost. In 1908 dog fighting was prohibited, but Akitas were nevertheless preserved and improved as a large Japanese breed. As a result, nine magnificent Akita puppies have grown to be declared "natural monuments" in 1931.

American Akita Club was founded in 1956 and the American Kennel Club (AKC) accepted the breed (with the right to entry in the stud book and regular exhibition status) in October 1972.

Naturally gifted with elegant posture, tranquility and silence, the American Akita is designed to be shown and win exhibitions.

Physical characteristics

The height of the American Akita is about 61-71 cm and weighs about 34-52 kg. Typical for American Akita is a big growth and solid construction,well-balanced body, with much substance and heavy bone. These dogs have a broad head, forming obtuse triangle, deep muzzle, relatively small eyes and erect ears almost in line with the neck.

Character and behavior

The American Akita puppy is friendly, lively and responsive. The older dogs become also docile and courageous.

Very proud and affectionate this dog is strong and patronizing pet, making it a great guard. It's aconfident and strong willed breed, which sometimes makes it difficult to train.

The American Akita is very loyal to their owners but can be very aggressive, and when bored become destructible.

Training and education

The American Akita dog is intelligent and peaceful, but it can become a challenge when it comes to training. His headstrong personality and persistence make it suitable pet mostly for people with a lot of experience.

The dog can lie quietly all day without causing any problems. And when his owner gets home the American Akita starts to "tell" what happened during the day. Male dogs are very dominant and fights between them and representatives of other breeds usually ends quickly and fatal to the opponent. In principle, this dog is not aggressive and just wants to show that he is the best.

Health problems

There are several health problems, which needed to be taken into consideration - thyroid problems, as well as skin cancer and autoimmune problems. Both parents of your puppy should have OFA and CERF certificates as well as screening for thyroid problems.

This breed is not very suitable for people with allergies, since in some seasons the dog's coat falls a lot.

The average life expectancy is about 10-13 years.

Grooming and care

It is recommended to take care of the appearance of your American Akita dog at least once a week. You should be aware that the fall of the coat varies in different seasons and thus requires different approach.

If you want to possess such a puppy you should know that you will be a much loved owner, but do not forget frequent walks and paying more attention to the American Akita.

Children and other pets

When it comes to other pets, the American Akita can be hostile to dogs of the same sex as well as other smaller animals. This breed usually gets along well with children in the family, but it is patronizing and reserved when there are strangers around.

Interesting facts

During the Second World War the Akita dogs were used as a source of fur for military garments. The police ordered the capture and confiscation of all dogs other than German Shepherd Dogs used for military purposes. Individual fanciers tried to circumvent this order by crossbreeding their dogs with German Shepherd Dogs.

During the recovery process of breeding after the war, Akita from Dewa line impressed the first general-emperor of Japan–Montgomery. He managed to collect 11 dogs of the breed and transported them to the United States to save their population. The Akita became favorite for dog lovers in the United States and the line was developed by an increasing number of breeders and puppies for sale.