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The Kromfohrländer is one of the newest German breeds. It is recognized in its two varieties by the International Dog Federation in 1955. The name derives from one of the region of Siegen - Krom-Fohr. His ancestors are the Fox Terrier with rough hair and Grand Griffon Vendeen from France. This crossbreed is made by Ms. Ilse Scheifenbaum, who is considered the creator of the breed.

The standard was published in 1998. According to a legend, the breed was created by US soldiers stationed in France during World War II.

The Kromfohrländer is a good companion dog and an excellent ratter.

Physical characteristic

This is a medium sized dog with a height between 38 and 46 centimeters. The male weighs on average between 11 and 16 kg, while the female is between 9 and 14 kg.

The back is strong, straight and slightly longer than the height of the dog. The chest is well developed. The head is slightly elongated, the body is solid and muscular. The neck is of medium length, muscular. The nose is medium-sized, black, with wide open nostrils. The eyes are round, triangular, and the color can be medium brown or dark brown. The gaze is gentle and playful.

The dog's ears are triangular in shape, slightly rounded at the top, clinging to the cheeks. The legs of this breed are vertically arranged, elongated with thick bones.

There are two types Kromfohrländer depending on the coat – the first one has sharp and thick hair, a beard, and the other has smooth and soft hair, no beard and fringed, beautiful tail. Both have a lower layer of the coat that is short and soft.

The tail is medium long and thick at the base, slightly curved upwards in the form of a sword. Coloration is white with light brown spots on the body. There may be cases of a very dark brown or tan-brown spots on the head. These spots are clearly distinct from the white line that reaches the forehead.

Character and behavior

The Kromfohrländer inherited from his ancestors a goodwill and live temperament. This is a kind, gentle and careful dog. Very dynamic and always ready for games.

This is a companion dog that easily adjusts to any environment. It is also a good guard, because it possesses a very fine hearing. It will react to the smallest unfamiliar noise and will warn its owners.

These dogs haven't a particularly well developed instinct, so you can walk with your pet without using a leash. It will never go too far away from you.

Training and education

This breed easily lends itself to dressage. The Kromfohrländer is a loyal and obedient, but has a strong character, so the training should start from an early age. Can live in urban areas, but only if the owner allows him to spend his energy. Loves to walk with his master and feels great to travel, even for longer distances.

Grooming and care

The Kromfohrländer requires regular maintenance. You should check the state of the ears regularly. Comb the hair twice a week and bathe once in every 2 or 3 months.

Health problems

In general these dogs have a good health and rarely get sick. But, unfortunately, some representatives can suffer from genetic inflammation of the knee and even those who bred the Kromfohrlander, fail to eliminate this problem.

The average life expectancy is about 13 years.

Children and other pets

The Kromfohrländer gets along well with other dogs and never bites. It adores children and is a good friend for games, because it is energetic and remains with playful temper even at an old age.

Interesting facts

This breed, affectionately called Kromi, is virtually unknown outside Germany. Even in their own country, it is difficult to find Kromfohrländer puppies for sale. There are not more than 40-50 litter per year.