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The German Wire-haired Pointing Dog was created on the basis of the idea of “Hegewald" (Sigmund Freiherr von Zaydlits and Neukirchen) in the 19th century. Despite the presence of already established and popular hunting breeds, such as Stichelhaar, Griffon of Korthals and others, on May 11, 1902 in Shtutsenhauzen, a group of Pointer lovers founded the Union of Drahthaar. The close relationships with many hunters and breeders contributed to the rapid establishment of the breed. The field trials, which were mandatory for all breeding dogs, allowed the stabilization of the breed and the confirmation of its standard in 1924.

Physical characteristics

The Drahthaar has a massive and rough body, the height at the withers is between 57 and 68 cm. The average weight is about 27 – 30 kg. It possesses a lively temperament and smart look. The chest is deep and the stomach retracted. The tail is cut to one third of the length. The ears are medium in length and dropping, the fur is thick, hard, well fitting to the body. The color can be brown with numerous white or gray-white spots or patches.

Character and behavior

Solid, bold and energetic dog, the Drahthaar is very quick and determinant, a perfect hunter for any kind of prey, on all terrain no matter the weather conditions. It was born to pursuit rabbits, foxes and wild pigs. It is remarkable Scenthound in finding early big game. Very loyal, with lively temperament, gentle and kind, it is also a wonderful pet. This dog is friendly with everyone in the house, but can be reserved and even aggressive with strangers. It is important to socialize your pet from an early age.

Training and education

The training of the German Wire-haired Pointing Dog is not so difficult due to the intelligence and devotion of these dogs. However, you should not provoke fear, neuroses and any negative behaviors. The Drahthaar is calm and eager to learn more and more things. All that is required from the owner is to develop the genetically inherent instincts and qualities of the breed.

Health problems

The Drahthaar is susceptible to infection of the ear canal and some eye diseases. Therefore, check its ears more often. Some representatives can develop hip dysplasia and if you notice changes in gait of your pet, immediately visit the veterinarian. There are recorded cases of skin cancer as well. The average life expectancy is about 9-12 years.

Grooming and care

The German Wire-haired Pointing Dog can live in the city, although it is not the ideal place for it. These puppies need at least two long walks a day and several weekly brushing of the coat. The ears should also be checked regularly. If you hunt with your Drahthaar, you should check its feet after a working day in the field. Bathe your pet only when necessary.

Children and other pets

You should teach your kids how to show leadership qualities. The puppy must see that children are the leaders, otherwise it can develop dominant behavior. As a hunting breed, it is capable to chase and even kill small pets and birds. With proper education and socialization, the Drahthaar can become a perfect companion for everyone in your home.

Interesting facts

These dogs are capable to track, point, retrieve, and work in both water and field. In 1959 the breed was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club and since then puppies for sale became more sought by hunters all over the USA. The German Wire-haired Pointer Dog is extremely talented animal and has enormous success in many competitions such as obedience, tracking trials, retrieving, hunting tests and field trials.