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Centuries ago, the Scots used this brave terrier to deal with rodents in homes and farms. Moreover, the small black dog was a great hunter who fearlessly entered holes of foxes and badgers, to get them out of there. Initially the Scottish Terrier was known as Aberdeen dog and Earth Dog.

Since centuries ago, the English and the Scots are not particularly friendly with each other, they didn't exchange their terriers. For this reason, the Scottish terriers remained smaller than the English ones. Initially, these terriers had very long tails. This was a problem for hunters and they began to dock a tail by fifteen centimeters. At the end of the XIX century Scottish terriers were shown in World Dog Show. In 1879 was accepted the official breed standard.

Physical characteristics

The Scottish Terrier is relatively small in size. Its height is 28 cm and its weight is between 8 and 10 kg. Coat is dense to protect it in cold nights, while a bottom has an additional layer that is thick and soft. Black terriers are most common, but there are also dogs with wheat color. The Scottish terrier has a long moustache and beard that make it so easily recognizable. Ears are small and sharp. Nose is black, tail is raised and curved slightly over the back. It is thick at the base and at the end becomes thinner and slightly pointed. Chest is well developed, eyes are almond-shaped and dark brown in color. Back is short and muscular.

Character and behavior

The Scottish Terrier is one of the most recognizable British breeds. Besides being a perfect pet, it has retained its hunting skills and can be a great assistant in hunting foxes and badgers. Scots consider this dog as one of the national symbols and often say it is a little animal with a big heart, because of its incredible courage.

Training and education

The Scottish terrier is a very smart dog and easily lends itself to dressage and training. However, it can be stubborn and refuse to execute commands. In such cases it is not advisable to use physical punishment as the little Scotch terrier is a very selfish creature that easily gets insulted and ceases to obey at all. There is even a possibility to attack you if you try to hurt it. Scotch terrier training is quick and easy if you use methods of encouragement with praise and a treat.

Health problems

The Scotch terrier is prone to genetically determined diseases, including demodecosis, atopic dermatitis, cataracts, hipoteroidis, congenital deafness. Female terriers often face serious difficulties during birth, some of which are fatal. Therefore, pregnant dogs should be monitored by a specialist. Average lifespan is about 15 years.

Grooming and care

The Scotch Terrier's coat is long and needs special care. It is necessary to comb it once every two or three days and bring it to a hairdresser once every three months. If your Scotch terrier does not participate in exhibitions, there is no need to be so precise in trimming. Do not bathe your pet more than three or four times a year. If the fur is dirty, it is enough to wait for it to dry and comb it – dirt will fall by itself. Regularly check ears of Scotch terrier, they are susceptible to various kinds of infections. Although it is a small dog, this animal is very active and needs to spend its energy every day. It is necessary to go with it for a walk at least twice a day and give it the opportunity to run. At the same time you must not forget that hunting instincts of Scotch terriers are very well developed, so take a leash with you - your dog may try to pursue a cat or some other animal. The Scotch terrier is a perfect guard, even a smallest noise wakes him up. So if you raise it in the garden, you should know that it will bark at everyone who passes.

Children and other pets

These dogs get along well with older and careful children, but do not like to share an attention and love of their owners with other pets. They are very suspicious with strangers and will warn you with barking if they feel a real threat.

Interesting facts

The Scottish terrier was used as a symbol of the once iconic whiskey Black & white. Among lovers of the breed were the US President Theodore Roosevelt, the Hollywood legend Charlie Chaplin, and the creator of the theory of relativity, Albert Einstein. Perhaps one of the most famous Scotch terriers is Barney - the pet of the US President George Bush. It became famous after biting two journalists. Barney has appeared in nine films and has its own Internet site.