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The Medium Griffon Vendeen (Briquet Griffon Vendéen - in French) is a medium sized dog that originated in France and is popular in Europe as a hunting dog and companion. The breed first appeared in the 16th century in the French region of Vendée. These dogs were favorites of kings and aristocrats and the people called them "white dogs of the King". Later they ceased to be a luxury and rarity, and became affordable and very popular for everyone. Their purpose was mainly to hunt wild boars, but also fish and other game. It got its name before the First World War by Count d'Elva, to distinguish it from Grand Griffon Vendéen. The breed disappeared during the wars, but in 1946 appeared in Fontenoy Le Comte, saved by French enthusiasts

The first club for this breed was created in France year 1901.

Physical characteristics

The Medium Griffon Vendeen is distinguished from its larger relative, not just by size. In order to improve the hunting qualities of the breed, it was crossed with another French breed – the Porcelaine Dog.

This dog has a stocky, short and healthy body. The head is round and light, the eyes are dark, large and alive. The ears are long, pendulous, the tail is relatively short, set high, carried as a curved sword.

The legs are solid, but do not look heavy.

The top layer of the hair is long, slightly disheveled and sharp to the touch and the lower layer is thick. The coloration is white with black; black with yellow spots; sand with white, gray, brown, white, orange, or tri-color. But the white color is always predominant.

The height is between 48 and 53 cm and the average weight is between 28 and 30 kg.

Character and behavior

Medium Griffon Vendeen is a quick and courageous dog with a sharp sense of smell. It is stubborn, sometimes willful, determined and smart. The dog is a passionate hunter and knows how to take initiative for hunting, without waiting for commands from its master. Furthermore, the Griffon is friendly and cheerful.

It can hunt alone or in a pack and is not afraid to go through bushes and marshes. Along with its bright hunting qualities, this breed is a wonderful companion dog. It is not at all aggressive, strongly attached to its master and incredibly faithful.

Training and education

The independent character and stubborness of Griffon Vendeen requires firm and patient training. Do not neglect basic dressage. However, you shouldn't educate it with cruel methods and punish any fault, because at some point it will cease to execute your commands. Your four-legged friend likes games – throw a ball or boomerang, the puppy will love to bring them back.

Grooming and care

It is advised to raise your Medium Griffon Vendeen in a house or in a large courtyard where it can run freely. Walking on a leash in an urban environment is boring for it. It loves to run in fields, rivers, to chase wild animals. After hunting, bathe your pet to avoid the unpleasant odor. You must clean the coat several times a week with a special brush.

Health problems

This breed is inherently durable. Some representatives are prone to food allergies, so you should carefully select its food. Due to insufficient ventilation of the ear canal, these dogs may suffer from otitis. The Medium Griffon Vendeen has a tendency to form stones and grit in the kidneys.

The average lifespan is about 12 years.

Children and other pets

This dog loves people. It is patient and gentle with children.

Due to its strong hunting instinct, it is always capable to chase cats, dogs, birds and any small animals.

Interesting facts

In 1995 a hunting group of Medium Griffon Vendeen dogs won the French Cup for hunting deer.

This dog is so cheerful and playful, that in England it is called "The happy dog."