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These large hairy dogs were known from the IX century and helped the shepherds guard their flocks frompredators and thieves. They have not been crossbred with local shepherds in Hungary because they hadperfect qualities to guard the homes and herds. In the XV century the Hungarian Shepherd dogs were very popular in Central Asia. These large dogs managed to cope with the herd without the help of the shepherds. In the early XX century the Komondor was recognized by Kennel organizations worldwide. Many of the Hungarian Sheepdogs were killed during World War II. When the Germans and then the Russians found themselves in Hungary, they had to kill the huge shepherd dogs that guarded the houses of local people to be able to take over a farm or a home. After the war, the breed has been restored with the efforts of local breeders. For the first time this breed was registered in the AKC in 1937.

Physical characteristics

It is certain that if you see a Komondor once, you will not mistake it with any other breed. Its hair fell in a bundle of cords with hairstyle reminding of a reggae singer from Jamaica. In summer the "strings" are a good thermal insulator, and in frosty winter – they retain the heat. The skin is strong to protect it against bites of large predators. The fur has two layers and the color is white. The weight is about 36 - 59 kg and the height is between 63 and 76 cm.

Character and behavior

The Komondor is a strong and courageous dog, inspiring respect. Despite its natural amiability, it is always ready to attack any enemy, and is often used as a dog bodyguard in urban conditions. Knowing his great physical strength and stately appearance, the Komondor rarely attacks first. But in extreme situations is always on top – the unexpected "guests" get a memorable lesson. Hungarian cynologists are sure that this dog will spare his life in defense of his beloved master, family and home.

Training and education

The Komondor is a dog that has an independent and freedom-loving character, so sometimes his dressage may be more difficult than you imagined. The breed is suitable for people who have more experience in raising and educating a dog. The owner should be confident, assertive and hard in training, otherwise he will fail.

Health problems

The life expectancy is about 12 years. There are several health problems such as: HD, cataracts, sensitivity to some drugs and medications and poor metabolism. Before choosing from a number of puppies for sale, make sure that the parents have CERF and OFA health certificates.

Grooming and care

Although the Komondor is distinguished by remarkable dimensions, it can be grown successfully in smaller homes, as long as you take him out often enough. Your pet should be on a leash when you go outside, because it may scare someone. When growing a dog with such a specific hair, you will inevitably encounter its disadvantages. You will notice grass, leaves, straws and thorns will very quickly find themselves in your home.

If you are among those who not are willing to devote more time and effort to clean the home, it is better to choose a pet with a more modest hairstyle.

Children and other pets

The nature of this noble dog is strict, but it is a favorite of all children. The Komondor owners say that it prefer the company of men, instead ofdogs.

Interesting facts

An interesting fact is that during the love period, male representatives of the Hungarian shepherd breed do not lose their mind likes some other breeds. They continue to work quietly with the flock and only occasionally indulge in pursuit of a female.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg owns a Hungarian Sheepdog known as Beast. The dog has its own Facebook page and its owner often posts beautiful pictures of his fine Komondor.