Hygen Hound

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This is a medium-sized hound originated from Norway. The breed was created in the 19th century in this northern country from crosses between German and Swiss hounds and some northern breeds such as Ringerike, which has already disappeared. The dog is named after its creator Hygen and is used mainly for hunting any game on cold or bloody trail. Breeders wanted to create a very strong and brave hunting dog and they absolutely succeeded.

Physical characteristics

The Hygen hound, also known as Hygenhund, is a polyvalent dog, very resistant, durable and meticulous. The body resembles a rectangle with a crisp backbone. It is healthy and quite muscular. The chest is well developed. The head is moderately large, medium elongated, but it is heavy and has a slightly frusto-conical. The eyes are dark brown, medium-sized and not protruding. Their expression is quiet and serious. The ears start from the middle of the head and are neither extensive nor long. They are fine and soft. The tail is thicker at the beginning and thinner towards the end. The legs are muscular and long. The coat is straight, sharp to the touch, dense, shiny and not too short. It is a reddish brown or yellowish in color. Black coloration can be seen on the head, back or base of the tail with or without white spots.

Male representatives have a size of 50 to 58 cm, and females - from 47 to 55 cm. The average weight is from 20 to 25 kg.

Character and behavior

This is a tough and a very energetic hunting dog. The breed possesses qualities of a guard dog and will protect all family members. It is durable, gentle and friendly. Representatives of the breed love long walks and games, but also have the “habit” of running away, so your house should have a well fenced yard.

Training and education

It is best to grow your puppy in a house where it can run. To become a sociable and family dog, the training should start very early. In the absence of good and solid training the Hygen Hound could develop aggressive behavior and even a tendency to bite. The breed is eager to please the master and relatively easy to train. These hounds are able to obey and learn any basic commands. The best approach in training is a combination of praise and firmness. You should be patient, caring and confident.

The Hygen Hound can be a perfect companion, watchdog or dog-hunter depending on the upbringing.

Health problems

There aren't specific health problems for the breed. This is a very healthy dog who hardly suffers from any diseases if there is enough space to spend its energy. Still, some representatives are prone to hip dysplasia, arthritis, bloat or sensitivity to anesthesia and von Willebrand's disease.

The average life expectancy is about 12 years.

Grooming and care

The thick and shiny coat of the Hygen Hound is very easy to groom. Regular brushing is enough to maintain the hair in good condition. A fresh bath from time to time is recommended.

Children and other pets

This is a loving dog, great for family with children. The Hygen Hound will protect both your kids and your property. Usually these animals are mistrustful of strangers and can also try to impose over other dogs.

Interesting facts

The Hygen Hound is a very rare breed even in its home country Norway. Beyond its borders is unknown and it is almost impossible to find puppies for sale in the USA.

These dogs are amazing hunters who can easily traverse huge arctic terrain for a very long period of time without getting tired at all.