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The Spanish Hound, also known as Sabueso español, is a Spanish breed found in the Middle Ages. It is described in the "Book of the hunt" of King Alfonso XI of Castile of the 14th century, and by De Molina in 1582, as in many other works of classic authors. An isolation in its native country, where it was very prevalent, had allowed the purity of race. At the beginning, there were two varieties of Spanish hound - big one and small one.

This breed chases small game like rabbits, but can also hunt deers, foxes and boars, because of its courage and dedication. Besides being a good hunter, this dog is a wonderful companion.

Physical characteristics

The Spanish Hound is a medium sized dog, with well proportioned and elongated body. Eyes are almond-shaped and dark hazel in color. Head is beautiful, noble, with long, large, rectangular ears, hanging with a rounded tip. Limbs are strong, thick, powerful. Tail is set high average with very short hair and is thick at a base. When the dog hunts it wears it curved upward like a sword.

Coat is very fine, short, well-fitting and quite dense. Its color is white, orange from light to dark or yellow or brownish. Prevalence of any one of these colors is perfectly permissible in accordance with the standard.

Ssize of the males is between 52 and 57 cm, females are between 48 and 53 cm high. Average weight is about 25 kg.

As already mentioned, there are two types of Spanish Hound - large and small, but the smallest variation - Lebrero - practically does not exist today.

Character and behavior

This breed is a very good hunter, fearless and stubborn. It is loyal, calm and loving. It adapts to all situations and may trace a bloody trail in any weather. When chasing a prey, it barks with different tone modulations.

This dog is also a perfect companion – calm, kind and clean.

Training and education

The Spanish Hound's training is easy. You should be firm and clearly show who the master is. This dog is obedient and understands commands quickly. It is strongly attached to its owner and will do anything to please him. Use this to your advantage when educating your puppy.

Grooming and care

This dog can live in a house and in an apartment. It is not afraid of bad weather and rough terrain. You should brush dogs hair every day and check a status of the dog's ears. Clean them regularly to avoid infections. Other specific maintenance is not required.

Health problems

The Spanish Hound has good health. The only known risk is otitis because because of long hanging ears. The main health problems are associated with accidents during hunting (shot, fractures, heart stroke). It is better to track an amount of food, because it has a tendency to become overweight.

Average life expectancy is about 13 years.

Children and other pets

This is a faithful and loving dog. It is kind and careful with its owners, butis sometimes suspiciousto strangers or other dogs. If you have small pets or cats in your home, but are looking for puppies for sale of this breed, keep in mind that this hound is a natural hunter. Therefore, it will certainly try to chase and kill every rodent, bird or other small inhabitant in the house.

Interesting fact

Spaniards are crazy about this breed and even the Spanish police use them in their work. Unfortunately, it is not known outside its homeland.

It is interesting to know that in most litters there is a big difference in size between male and female puppies.