Ardennes Cattle Dog

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Long time ago all dogs that worked with cattle were known as Bouvier. Each area had a different type. After the World War I most of the Bouviers, including Bouvier de Roulers, Bouvier de Moerman, and Bouvier de Paret were extincted.

Some think Ardennes Cattle Dog is a cross between the Belgian Cattle Dog and the Shepherd of Picardy, others think it could be a Belgian native breed, developed since the eighteenth century through crosses between different local sheepdogs. It is also known as Bouvier des Ardennes and Ardenner Treibhund.

This dog has a rough appearance and has been always known in his homeland as hard working animal. It is capable of working a lot and in difficult weather conditions.

The Ardennes Cattle Dog is an extremely hard and courageous dog when it comes to protecting his flock, property or territory.

This breed originating from northern France, is too similar to Picard and Flanders Shepherds. For a long time was not popular, simply because it was considered extinct. But keen breeders managed to save it from oblivion with a few pure blood specimen of the Ardennes Bouvier.

Physical characteristics

The Ardennes Cattle Dog has an appearance of a rustic animal, accustomed to life in the open air, the hard work of guard and herd management. His pace is fast, almost always in a semicircle around her master. The intelligence shining in the puppy eyes. The head is massive, rather short, with a wide and flat skull. The eyes are dark. Ears, uncut should be preferably straight (sharp). Ears are erect, pointed bent forward. The Bouvier des Ardennes has no tail, or it is shortened to a vertebra.

An adult male is about 59 cm high, a female about 54 cm. The average weight is between 23 and 25 kg.

Character and behavior

It is a very hardy breed, adapted to life outside the home. When you looking for puppies for sale, you should know that the Bouvier des Ardennes has good abilities as a watchdog. It is always very careful and suspicious of strangers, as he shows obedience and affection to his master.

Although this dog is not suitable for an apartment, it can sometimes enjoy the comfort of nice evening in the kitchen with his master.

Training and education

The Ardennes Cattle Dog puppy is very attached to his master, but is, however, reserved, suspicious and sometimes aggressive towards strangers when it grows old. It is relatively easy to train this dog, especially if you have it from a little puppy.

Health problems

This breed is known for its good health. The fact that most often these dogs live in rural mountain areas also hinders data retention for genetic problems. The average life expectancy of the Ardennes Cattle Dog is 11 years.

Grooming and care

Avid sportsman and faithful friend, the Ardennes Cattle Dog will be able to shine in all disciplines of the dog sport. His hair is dry and sour and it is unusual to fall continuously, thus avoiding the drudgery of "grooming".

Children and other pets

This dog has an excellent character and is very good with the children. It will make a very good companion dog. His protective nature determines his nice behavior with small animals and pets.

Interesting facts

On April 27, 1903, in an exposure in Liège Professor Reul discovered "Tom" – the first ideal type Cattle Dog (no further details at the time).

In 1913 was founded the "Liege Society for the Improvement of Cattle Dog in the province of Liege and the Ardennes", which draws up a draft standard. The final text will be adopted by Belgium in 1923 and published by the FCI June 16, 1963.