Romanian Bucovina Shepherd

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The Romanian Bucovina Shepherd dog is thought of as a patron of Romania and Serbia. It is one of Romania’s three types of shepherd dog. The purpose-bred breed was developed by shepherds over the course of centuries in the mountains of Carpatin. The breed is regarded as one of the most superior watch dogs in Romania. Proving effective in watching over homes and properties and defending sheep and cattle.

Physical Characteristics

The Romanian Bucovina is the largest and most powerful breed of livestock guardian dogs. Males weigh between 50 and 90kg and reach up to 31 inches in height. Whilst the females have only a slightly smaller body mass of between 50 and 80kg. They are able to reach up to 28 inches in height. Their coats are generally smooth yet long and come in a variety of colours including white or beige with distinctive patches of black or grey. A less common coat colour is black with red reflections. The breed’s defining characteristics are their small eyes, sizeable heads and muscular backs.

Character and Behaviour

Whilst the Romanian Bucovina Shepherd dog probably isn’t ideal as a family pet. There’s a lot to be said for the loyal and protective temperament of these dogs. They have often proven themselves as courageous and combative when required. Their powerful and deep bark is perfect for alerting owners to intruders on property or land.

Training and Education

With the correct training from an early age, despite its ancestry the Romanian Bucovina Shepherd dog can become an extremely loyal and loveable family pet. Yet, it’s a distinguishing feature that they won’t back down with confrontation. Therefore, it is advised that only experienced handlers take on a Romanian Bucovina Shepherd dog. Yet, with the correct socialisation, the breed can quickly become a gentle giant. But be warned, they are a highly intelligent breed, and this can often make training very difficult for a novice. They like to be their own boss and are also known for being incredibly independent.

Health Problems

Due to the Romanian Bucovina Shepherd dog being a particularly rare breed, there have been minimal studies on the potential healthcare problems of the breed. However, with their ability to endure outside terrain for long durations of time, it’s safe to say that they’re a hardy breed of dog. However, as they are a large breed of dog, they may be prone to health issues which commonly affect dogs of a bigger stature. These conditions generally include hip and elbow dysplasia and Gastric Dilation Volvulus which causes the stomach to displace itself and cause a gas build up. In this instance immediate vet care will be required.

Grooming and Care

Romanian Bucovina Shepherd dogs are heavy shedders. If you plan on introducing the breed into your home, you’ll have to brush their coat daily. To prevent overheating in the summer, depending on the climate you’re living in the dog’s coat will have to be regularly clipped. Always introduce a Romanian Bucovina Shepherd dog to a grooming and health routine from an early age to avoid conflict when the dog reaches full size. This includes nail trimming, teeth brushing and checking their ears for any sign of infection.

Children and Other Pets

The breed is well known for being protective and loving around children, despite its defensive capabilities, the Romanian Bucovina Shepherd dog is a very mild-mannered breed. However, the breed strongly mistrusts strangers, and this will include any pets it isn’t already familiar with.

Interesting Facts

The Romanian Bucovina Shepherd dog was believed to have been developed during the time of the Ancient Roman Empire. The powerful and large breed thrived outside for centuries, however, it was only recognised as a formal breed in 1982 by the Romanian Kennel Club. You won’t see many outsides of its homeland! It’s an incredibly rare breed.