Segugio Maremmano

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The Segugio Maremmano is a breed of dog which originally came from the coastal plains of Maremmano which are in Tuscany. The dog is still widely used to this day for hunting wild boar. The dogs have been bred for their hunting ability and there tends to be a great variance in physical characteristics with this breed.

Physical Characteristics

The Segugio Maremmano’s physical appearance can vary significantly compared to with most breeds. The coat can be rough of smooth, and it is commonly seen with brown, black, tan or brindle fur. Males are slightly bigger than the females standing at between 48 and 54 centimetres, and the females are generally between 46 to 52 centimetres. On average they weigh in on average anywhere from 13kg to 23kg. Their head shape is rectangular of shape and usually comes with a large cranium.

Character and Behaviour

As the Segugio Maremmano is a scent hound breed, they tend to be fairly strong minded and active. Generally, the Segugio Maremmanos aren’t popular for their good looks. Instead, owners opt for them for their strong characters and pleasant ringing bark. If you’re looking at purchasing a Segugio Maremmano dog for it’s hunting capabilities, throughout history the breed has proven to be a versatile hunter. Working well alone as well as in packs. If you’re looking for an inactive breed of dog, it’s safe to say that the Segugio Maremmano isn’t the dog for you. They require high levels of stimulation and taking on regular long walks to ensure they get a sufficient amount of exercise.

Training and Education

Without proper mental stimulation, the Segugio Maremmano can easily become hyperactive. Therefore, it is important that you take a hands-on approach with the breed from a very early age. It’s very strong will can be a major point of appeal for the breed, yet without sufficient training this can easily become a problem.

Health Problems

As there is a very small chance of the Segugio Maremmano coming from an incestuous breeding pair, the chances that the dog will exhibit health problems are minimal.

Grooming and Care

The Segugio Maremmano’s coat is both odourless and short. Therefore, they require minimal grooming and care alongside the standard health checks and a weekly grooming.

Children and Other Pets

Whilst the Segugio Maremmano is a very loving and loyal breed, potential owners should note that they tend to play a little rougher than most breeds. Therefore it is recommended that families with small children do not consider the Segugio Maremmano as a family pet. The Segugio Maremmano is very protective of it’s family and has the potential to be very aggressive to strange people or animals.

Interesting Facts

The breed has only been recognised by the Italian Kennel club since 2018, meaning that although the dog may not be all too popular internationally, that may be set to change. Yet, the popularity of the breed in Greece is ever growing. Currently the Segugio Maremmano is the third most popular breed in Italy.