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The first information about the breed Hovawart is from 1274 in Germany. In 1473, a dog called Hovawart was included in the list of the noblest animals at this time in Germany. Its name comes from HOVA – yard, mansion, WART - guard. In the Middle Ages this breed was known for his ability to make the right individual decisions in critical situations. For many centuries, Hovawart regularly is mentioned in literature for dogs ("Dog breeds" by L. Beckermann of 1894, "German dogs and their origin" by R. Strebela – 1904, and many others). Huge role in the creation of the current breed have Bertram and Kurt Koenig - father and son who regenerate the breed in three stages. In 1915 Kurt selects the most stable rural dogs and creates the gene core of the Hovawart. He was a professional zoologist and his main job was to restore the breed. In 1922, was recorded the first breeding of Hovawart in Germany. In 1937 Kurt Koenig believed that they finally achieved a great result. During World War II these dogs were almost extinct but in 1949 the work to stabilize the breed started again.

In 1959 the Hovawart is officially recognized in Germany, and in 1964 it received international recognition. The International Hovawart Federation (IHF) was founded in 1983.

Physical characteristics

Hovawart is a dog of medium size. It does not weigh much, but it is quite hard. The body is slightly longer than the length at the withers. Its tail is long and covered with thick fur. The height of the male reaches 70 cm and 65 cm in females. The weight ranges between 25 and 40 kg. The head is expressive and slightly wider. The eyes are medium in size and usually dark brown. This breed has a serene and intelligent look. There are triangular hanging ears, covered with hair. The coat is long, with the exception of the paws and the head. The color can be three types: black, without any shades, black with light shades or fawn. There are white hairs at the end of the queue or chest.

Character and behavior

Fast, energetic, agile and active – that's the Hovawart. This breed is ideal for families with children, for those who love the outdoors and the fresh air. Walking in the city park or public garden near the house or apartment, trip out of town and country vacations - this will make your pet the happiest puppy in the world. This breed is very temperamental and will not forget to have fun even during hunting. This is the best partner for swimming - he loves water.

Training and education

At a young age the Hovawart needs no training. It has the essential qualities to behave and listen to you. But growing up your dog may develop behavioral problems, so be sure to pay attention to its education. Be patient and gentle because the strength and rough attitude can grieve your pet and it will not obey and listen to you. The Hovawart has a strong will and very good sense of self estimation, as well as many other skills that you have to develop. One of the excellent qualities of the breed is its simplicity and ability to work in all weather conditions.

Health problems

The Hovawart is one of the few dogs with almost perfect health. This breed doesn't get sick. Some representatives could be prone to hip dysplasia, but it is happening very rarely. The experts believe that the Hovawart is an example of a perfect health. The average lifespan is 11 to 15 years.

Grooming and care

With the thick protective coat, the Hovawart can adjust to different climatic conditions and can live both in the house and in the apartment. At the same time caring for his coat may be minimal. It is enough to comb once a week. In winter it is enough to trim the fur on its paws.

It is better to organize various physical and mental exercises to maintain the good health of your pet.

Children and other pets

This is a shy breed, a little distrustful of strangers. Tends to dominate other dogs, but never show aggression. This dog is very devoted to its owner and is an excellent family pet. Will protect your family in all cases. This breed is very attached to the children in the family and loves to play with them.

Interesting facts

This is a relatively new breed and puppies for sale are very hard to find in North America, Australia, etc. The best breeders, of course, are in Germany.