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The origin of the Montenegrin Mountain Hound is the same as the other Balkan hounds. The breed has been known since the 19th century. This dog comes from the southeastern part of the former Yugoslavia, now Montenegro. The original name in Serbian is Crnogorski Planinski Gonic.

In the past, this breed was called "the Black hound" and this name was approved in the first breed standard in 1924.At its meeting in May 1968, held in Warsaw, the FCI officially recognized it.

This is a hunting dog chasing the wildlife, bloody trail and hunting foxes, rabbits, deers, but also small game. It is valuable because it can hunt in the wooded, rugged, inaccessible areas and in poor weather conditions. This dog is not only a good hunter but a remarkable companion.

Montenegrin Mountain Hound was widespread breed, but because of the Balkan wars in the early 20th century, is rare even in its homeland and beyond its borders, it is almost impossible to find puppies for sale.

Physical characteristics

The Montenegrin Mountain Hound is a medium sized, muscular and agile dog. The head is broad, and the skull is elongated. The muzzle is wide, the nose is black. The neck is thin, muscular, and its length is almost equal to the length of the head. The dog's eyes are round, slightly apart, and their color is from light to very dark brown. The ears are high, relatively long, rounded at the top and hanging close to the head. The tail is thin, long and sword-shaped.

The coat of this breed is short, sharp, shiny and very smooth. There is well-developed undercoat hair. Its main color is black with yellowish-brown spots under the eyes, on both sides of the muzzle and inside the legs. The limbs of the dog are relatively strong, short and exceptionally muscular.

The size of the male dog is between 49 and 50 cm, the female is 48 to 49 cm. The weight varies from 20 to 25 kg.

The Montenegrin Mountain Hound possesses a very good sense of smell. The bark is powerful and beautiful when chasing the prey.

Character and behavior

The nature of Montenegrin Mountain Hound is balanced, it is docile, quiet and reliable dog at home. It can be a very good and kind companion if you provide it with enough exercise. Otherwise, it is very energetic, courageous and resilient dog that you can trust.

Training and education

Because of its soft and friendly character and devotion to human, the Montenegrin Mountain Hound is easy to train. It is better to let them run without cause or be involved with sports for dogs.

Grooming and care

This breed is very active and it will be a real torture for your puppy to live in an apartment because it needs large spaces. The best place to raise your Montenegrin Mountain Hound is in a wide garden with a solid fence. Otherwise the dog can smell a trail or a strange odor and escape.

Once a week you should clean the dog's coat and keep track of the cleanliness of its ears.

Health problems

The Montenegrin Mountain Hound is a very healthy dog and can withstand hard work on difficult terrain. This breed rarely gets sick. There is a risk for the dog's ears, because they can easily become infected, but modern hygiene measures, may prevent these cases. A good level of physical activity preserves the health of the dog.

The average life expectancy is about 13 years.

Children and other pets

Dogs of this breed gets along well with children and are gentle with them. They do not show any aggression towards humans.

If properly educated, your Montenegrin Mountain Hound will love you and obey every command ofyours.

Interesting facts

The most famous depiction of this breed was the puppet "Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog", often appearing on the NBC TV show “Late Night with Conan O'Brien”. The Triumph was a Yugoslavian Mountain Hound, but the caption identifying it was removed after the US military attacks against the Former Republic of Yugoslavia.