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It is believed that the Schnauzer appeared more than five hundred years ago. They were originally bred to guard a stables from rats that plagued horses and ate part of their food. It is believed that a long fur on a muzzle, paws and belly was necessary so rats couldn't gnaw their skin. Today, the Schnauzer is a perfect home pet. The Giant Schnauzer performs official duties and often helps the police and customs.

At the end of XIX century in Germany they started working on a selection of miniature Schnauzers. By crossing Afenpincher, German Spitz, Poodle and Terriers, they received this impressive breed. In 1890 Schnauzers began to appear in various exhibitions. Cute puppies for sale quickly became popular not only in Germany, but also in Switzerland, Scandinavia, Italy, USA and Canada.

Physical characteristics

There are three types of dogs from this breed – Schnauzers, Mitelshnauzer and Giant Schnauzer. They differ mostly in size. The Giant Schnauzer reaches 70 cm and weighs about 50 kilograms. The Mitelshnauzer is about 50 cm tall and weighs 18 kilograms. The small Schnauzer reaches 35 cm in height and weighs 4 to 7 kg.

All types look the same - their snout is elongated, eyes are oval and dark in color, jaw is strong. Fur is rough to a touch and very dense. Dogs of this breed do not have a characteristic odor, which makes them preferred pets. Schnauzers are the smallest in size service dogs in the world. Despite their size, they actively participate in work of different institutions helping to detect drugs and explosives. Besides black and black with silver, Schnauzers can be white or grayish - this color is known as salt and pepper.

Character and behavior

Active, playful and energetic, the Schnauzer is agile, full of spirit and enthusiasm. It is also kind, sweet and serious. Male representatives are born leaders. When it smells a female, it is able to pick a fight with any male dog or running after a bitch. It is important to walk your dog on a leash. However, you must provide it with an opportunity to run and play in open spaces. If you want a quiet dog, it is recommended to choose a female puppy for sale, not a male.

Training and education

All varieties of Schnauzers are very intelligent and easily understands what is required of them. They strictly execute commands and do not try to dominate their owner. There is a theory that the Schnauzer is stubborn during training and dressage, but this is just a myth. Dogs of this breed obey their master only if he has managed to gain their trust. It is therefore absolutely unacceptable to punish your dog if it doesn't execute a command. Early socialization is a must.

Health problems

Usually, these dogs live 12 to 14 years. In general this is a breed known for its good health. Some dogs may suffer from cancer, cataracts, thyroid and skin problems.

Grooming and care

The Giant Schnauzer is suitable for people who have enough time and are active, as these large dogs needs to run a lot. Schnauzers are suitable for people who are not active, as these puppies are smaller and can run all day in the house. This is a perfect dog for an apartment. However, it requires a lot of grooming, which can be a problem for people who do not have much time for that. You'll have to brush its hair at least twice a week and to trim it every few months. Beard must be cleaned regularly. On the other hand, a hair doesn't fall much, so this dog is a suitable pet for people suffering from allergies.

Children and other pets

The Standard Schnauzer is a sensitive and intelligent breed. It gets along perfectly with children. Sometimes it can be suspicious of strangers, its loyalty and possessiveness makes it an effective watchdog. The Schnauzer is kind and friendly with other animals, but may be aggressive towards dogs of same sex.

Interesting facts

A curious fact is that all Schnauzers have terrier blood in their veins, so they are constantly active. Love of a Schnauzer for their owner and family is almost fanatic - they are willing to do anything to protect their master and please him. Even the largest representatives of the breed treats other pets in the house with love and can even play with them.