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In the late 19th century, Hamilton (1852-1910), a man known for his love of dogs, as well as excellent knowledge of breeding of these animals, is illuminated by the idea of a hunting dog that has enough stamina to hunt in the snowy Scandinavian forests, to have a good flair and significant physical strength, to be brave, with good character, but aggressive with the prey. Before starting the creation of the breed, A. Hamilton scrutinizes almost all existing hounds. The base of this breed was shaped by crosses between English Foxhound, Hanover hound, Beagle, and many other breeds. Years have passed and finally Adolf Patrick Hamilton managed to achieve his goal - an ideal hunting dog. In 1886 it was first presented to the breed society in Sweden.

Originally the breed was named Swedish hound, but in 1921 was renamed in honor of its founder. In 1968 the first dogs of this breed were brought to Britain, where slowly but surely they start to earn honor and glory. Form 1981 the Hamilton Hound is gaining popularity in Germany. Today, puppies for sale are popular even in New Zealand and Australia, but in many other countries, including Russia, they are extremely hard to find.

Physical characteristics

The Hamilton Hound is an elegant, harmonious and effective dog. This is a beautiful breed with well developed muscles and proud profile. The body is long with harmonious lines. The transition from forehead to muzzle is noticeable. The head is well developed, the muzzle is long and slightly rectangular. The ears are triangular, set high and slightly raised. The tail has a shape of a sword, and continues the form of the back. The coat is short, hard and dense. In winter, it increases its density. The neck, back, sides and top of the tail are black. On the head, cheeks and lower abdomen the color is reddish-brown, while the front of the face, forehead, chest, and the tail end are white. The eyes are brown or darker.

Character and behavior

These dogs are very loyal, loving and friendly. They are active and cheerful. They adore the attention of their owner, and it is very important to make them feel loved and appreciated. Definitely this breed copes with the role of a pet. The Hamilton is not suitable for a guard dog, but if he sees a danger to you or your family, he will rush to protect you. These dogs are very sensitive, and even if you punish them, you will be forgiven soon.

Training and education

Hamilton Hound learns easily compared to other hunting breeds. It is creative and quite intelligent. Does not like violence, and certainly harsh austerity measures and training wouldn't be successful. Try to act with understanding and kindness, use positive methods and praise.

Health problems

The Hamilton Hound is generally a pretty healthy breed, with good resistance. There have been rare cases of hip dysplasia, typical for most dogs. As long as your dog receive the necessary care and minimum physical activity, it will not have health problems. The average life expectancy is about 10 - 13 years.

Grooming and care

The Hamilton Hound is very easy to grow and requires little special care. As mentioned, in the winter the fur becomes more dense, which allows him to hunt and works even in extreme cold to freezing temperatures. The hair needs a minimum of maintenance - a good brushing once a week. Bathing should be done only when necessary. The only thing that needs attention on growing and maintaining the health of your pet is the exercise. It is better to assure long walks if you live in the city. This will keep the muscles and joints of your puppy in good shape. These hounds are prone to obesity, as they like to overeat, so follow a certain diet that provides energy and necessary vitamins, but without interfering with the weight and the health of your puppy.

Children and other pets

The Hamilton Hound is very tolerant towards children and can definitely be their friend. Your dog will protect them if he senses danger. These hounds could show aggression towards other dogs or animals, so be careful and socialize your puppy from the very beginning.

Interesting facts

You should never walk your Hamilton Hound off the leash, cause these dogs have the tendency to run away after animals or just for fun.