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The original French Pointing dog has existed since the 15th century. Over the years the dogs were exported to other European countries and were crossed with other species. At the end of the 19th century a search was made to find the original dogs. Two types were found, probably descended from the Pachon Navarro and Old Spanish Pointer.

The Pyrenean type is grown for centuries in the Pyrenees as guard of herds and hunter of small game and birds.

Physical characteristics

The Pyrenean Pointing dog is a beautiful dog with a developed muscular system and slanting yellow eyes. The skull is flat with a smooth transition from forehead to muzzle. The ears are set high, hanging, the tail is short. If the puppy is born with a long tail, most often the owners cut it off after time, but it is not mandatory. The main color is beige with white and brown spots. The height at the withers of the male is 47-58 cm, females – 47-56 cm. The average weight is currently around 17-25 kg.

Character and behavior

The common feature of the Pyrenean and Gascogne Pointing dogs is the mild and calm character. These pets behave friendly with people. They love to spend time with their master and the whole family.

The ideal French Pointing Dog should be gentle, submissive, friendly and sociable.

Training and education

As quiet and obedient dog, the Pyrenean Pointer will not tolerate violence against himself, so abandon harsh training methods. Violent techniques will affect badly on your puppy and will make the education even more difficult. Remember to stay consistent and calm in training and have patience.

These dogs are energetic and strong, and sometimes can be stubborn. This is a “dangerous” combination and some inexperienced owners could have serious difficulties with the little puppy.

Health problems

There aren't any specific diseases of the Pyrenean Pointing dog because generally the breed has a pretty good health. There is a traditional requirement for maintaining the health of these dogs - a sufficient level of physical activity, a balanced diet and regular care for the ears and hair.

The average life expectancy is about 12-14 years.

To get a healthy puppy, never buy from a pet store or puppy mill. Look for a reliable breeder who tests all his Pointing dogs for genetic diseases.

Grooming and care

Like the Gascony type, the Pyrenean Pointing dog needs space, so if you decide to grow this breed in an apartment, this certainly will not appeal to your pet. Comb your dog regularly with a stiff brush. A bathing can be done only when necessary.

You should pay special attention to your dog's diet. The best option for this breed is dry food rich in carbohydrates and vitamins.

Children and other pets

These dogs get along very well with children of all ages, as well as with other pets. Keep in mind that this is a hunting breed and some representatives could chase small animals, rodents and birds.

Interesting facts

If you are unsure which of the two types to choose when you are looking for puppies for sale, here are the main differences.

The Pyrenean type height is between 47 and 58 cm at the withers, giving the impression of a Brittany size German pointer. The larger Gasconian type is 58 - 69 cm high. Its coat is thick, while that of the Pyrenean is shorter and finer.

The head of the French Pointing Dog of Pyrenean type is broader, the ears are shorter. The Gascony type has pendulous lips, which give the impression of a square muzzle, the Pyrénées muzzle looks a little narrow.