Cesky Terrier

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Homeland of Czech Terriers, as you probably guessed already, is the Czech Republic. The breed is a result of crossing Sealyham and Scottish terrier, and its representatives are characterized as very good guards and capable hunting dogs.

Puppies for sale are most popular in Central Europe - Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, the Netherlands etc. In the US this is a relatively rare breed. The Czech Terrier is distinguished as a good hunter and watchdog. He is a kind companion and adorable home pet.

The official breed standard was recorded in 1959.

Physical characteristics

Representatives of the breed have a healthy, long bodies and short limbs. The height is varied from 25 to 33 cm and their weight - from 6 to 13 kilograms. The head is elongated, with well defined stop, unkempt beard, eyebrows and mustache. The ears are dropping and have a triangular shape. The tail is about 20 cm long. The coat is soft and wavy, and coloration occurs in different colors - blue-gray, in combination with light brown, yellow or white. Puppies are usually born with a black color, which lightens over time.

Character and behavior

Czech terriers are very friendly, loving and loyal dogs. Loneliness make them very unhappy, it is recommended that their owners have more free time to share with them. They behave suspiciously with strangers and are always alert. These sweet animals absolutely love to travel.

The Cesky Terrier is playful but patient, energetic yet calm. A joyful and sweet dog that is kind with children, brave, courageous and obedient. This is an intelligent breed, very easy to train, but it is important to socialize them while they are still small puppies.

These dogs love people and are friendly with strangers, but like most terriers, you should be 100% pack leader, otherwise your pet can become stubborn, feisty and fearless.

Don't forget, dogs are not humans. You must meet their natural animal instincts.

Training and education

These dogs are loyal family members who need socialization throughout their whole lives due to the typical reserved nature. They are relatively small animals, which make them suitable both for a house or an apartment. Like most terriers, they are an active breed and love to dig. A fenced yard where your dog can run and play is recommended.

Health problems

Czech Terriers have a good health and the average lifespan is about 12-15 years. Some representatives suffer from the Scotty Cramp - an awkward movement problem, which is not painful or dangerous.

Parents of puppies for sale should be checked for Patella Luxation, Hip dysplasia, PLL (Primary Lens Luxation), Thyroid issues, Cardiac Problems and Eye Disorders.

Grooming and care

The breed can be grown in small homes and apartments, but should not be deprived of walking - it would lead to behavior problems. The coat of Czech Terriers needs regular grooming to look good. Paws and ears should be regularly checked to avoid infection.

Children and other pets

They are strongly attached to their owners and all of the family members, including children and other pets. This sociable dog gets along very well with other dogs too. The Cesky Terrier is the perfect companion dog that can play with children all day long. But in the same time he can be attentive and confident guard.

Interesting facts

The breed was created by František Horák, in 1948 in Bohemia. Although he was not a scientist, Horák worked as a research assistant in the National Academy of Sciences and used all the knowledge for dog breeding. Czechoslovakia was under communist regime at the time. When the new dogs became popular around the world, Horák began to receive a lot of letters from outside the country, which brought the attention of the secret police. František Horák died in 1997.