Smaland Hound

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The Smaland Hound or "Smalandsstovare" is a rare breed of Swedish scent hounds originating in the 16thcentury. The Dogs were mostly brought back by soldiers returning from wars. They did not come as we know them today though. They were crossed with spitz type of dogs to become what we know today. The Swedish farmers, back then, needed a good hunting dogs, since most of them could only afford to feed one. The Smalandsstovare was a genuine hunter, used to hunt rabbits, foxes, squirrels and even deers and mooses. The 1strecognition of the breed was in 1921 by the Swedish kennel club. Today it has been recognized by several breed clubs including the F.C.I and the United Kennel Club.

Physical characteristics

The breed is known to be one of the smallest scent hounds in Sweden. They reach up to 46-53cm in height and around 15-20kg in weight. The hound naturally comes as a bobtail. It has a straight up, square shaped muscular body. The skull is lean, the ears are with rounded tips hanging down. The eyes are blackish. Nostrils are wide open on a black nose. These dogs are often confused with the Rotweillers because of their coloring. Their coat is not very long, leaning on the body. The undercoat is thick. On the fringed tail and on the thighs grows longer hair.Black coat with tan markings is the most common of the breed’s coloring. But the coloring of the markings can vary from amber to reddish or brown.

Character and behavior

The hunting dogs bond really strong with their masters. In Sweden, they are known to bring their catch to a master as a sign of good behavior. They are kind, gentle and therefore good family pets. They are intelligent, but require a high amount of exercise. That is why they are not very well suited for small life in a small apartment. Smalandsstovare are always on alert of strangers and they could be quite territorial which could lead to a loud barking. They make a very good watch dog. The dogs are very active and full of energy and life. They are always up for a hunt or a game, ready to please their master. Their pleasant character allows them to accept children and other pets very easily.

Training and education

The Smaland Hound’s high intelligence helps their education. These dogs will learn almost any trick if approached properly. Their hunting instincts are also very strong and that would mean that if you are looking to purchase a puppy and make it a hunting dog, you will save yourself a lot of effort. The dog is loyal and caring of its master. It is free-spirited and independent. The barking could be heard from a long way, which eases its masters. When educating the dog in a young age, treats for good work are advised, as the dog will know it did its job and pleased the master. That will also help the dog trust you more and do what it’s told without showing any signs of stubbornness.

Health problems

There are no genetic health issues concerning this breed. Lots of tests had been made by the Swedish Kennel Club between 1996 and 2008 and none of them showed anything serious. It is advisable though, if you encounter any sign of disease, not to breed the dog, in order to prevent the disease spreading throughout the breed. Their life span is between 12 to 15 years.

Grooming and care

Brushing your dog once a week would be just enough for the grooming. Nail clipping, ears and teeth cleaning are advised.

Children and other pets

The Smalandsstovare is quite good with children and other pets. Introducing them from a younger age, would ensure their pleasant relationship.

Interesting facts

Although the breed is common only in Sweden, it is quite hard to encounter a specimen of the breed even in its native country, as only 60 puppies per year are registered by the Swedish Kennel Club.