Bohemian wire haired Pointing Griffon

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This breed was created in the second half of the 19th century in the Netherlands. Its representatives have a highly developed sense of smell. They are exceptional hunters and good swimmers, weather conditions and difficult terrain does not frighten them. Today these intelligent, energetic and beloved dogs are very rare.

The Bohemian wire-haired Pointing Griffon was discovered in France and the Netherlands relatively late - in the 19th century. He was used as a quick and agile hunter, suitable for all terrains. The breed was registered by the AKC in 1887

Physical characteristics

The Bohemian wire-haired Pointing Griffon has a medium size body. His coat is straight and harsh to the touch. Coloration occur in gray with possible patches in white or brown. The height of the representatives ranges from 50 to 60 cm and their weight - from 23 to 27 kg. The head has an elongated snout and characteristic beard, eyebrows and mustache, large eyes and dropping ears. The tail is carried upwards.

Character and behavior

This Griffon is very friendly, loving, social and devoted dog, who is strongly attached to his owners. If left alone for a long time, the puppy could develop behavior problems.

This dog is an ideal choice for a family pet, suitable both for people who have experience in growing dogs and for totally inexperienced ones. He always tries to be kind and likable to everyone. The Bohemian wire-haired Pointing Griffon can be stubborn and independent, but at the same time is very sensitive.

He will bark loudly if something goes wrong, which makes him an excellent guard dog. The confident, patient and active owner will find that the Griffon is a great companion and loyal pet.


Training and education

Representatives of the breed are quick learners and easy to train. Thanks to their gentle nature can be grown by people with no experience in raising dogs. His high intelligence and will to learn make his dressage pleasant experience, but educate him to perform his natural needs on certain place outside could be a difficult task. This dog needs to be grown in peace and love. Lack of exercise can lead to undisciplined behavior and excessive barking for no reason. If you are a proud owner of a beautiful and tidy house, you have to think before you choose from puppies for sale of this breed. If you don't spend enough time playing with him, the Griffon can turn the house upside down.

Training must be consistent, persistent and driven by determination and a firm hand. Some puppies may remain timid and fearful, therefore the socialization should begin at a very early age to establish a stable and self-confident character.

Health problems

The Bohemian wire-haired Pointing Griffon lives about 11-14 years. He is comparatively sturdy dog with a few health problems like ectropion and entropion.

Grooming and care

Apartments are not suitable for this breed. These dogs need a lot of movement to spend their energy and feel healthy. Grooming requirements are relatively low - you'll just have to brush his hair several times a week and wash his face, which is always dirty. Trim the hair regularly and check the ears to avoid infections. With the appropriate care, hair fall off a bit, so this breed is suitable for people with mild allergies.

Children and other pets

These dogs get along well with children, especially older ones. They are usually cautious and suspicious towards strangers. Well socialized Bohemian wire-haired Pointing Griffon is kind with other animals, though often thinks that cats exist only to be persecuted.

Interesting facts

The ancient origin of the breed can be proved by a quote from 14th century letter written by the nobleman Vilem Zajic: “In the year 1348, King Charles IV presented to the Margrave of Brandenburg, Ludwig, fine hounds known as Canis bohemicus for the Margrave’s hunting pleasure”.

The author’s words Canis bohemicus (Bohemian dog) are considered enough proof that dogs from Bohemia existed a long time ago.

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