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The Continental Toy Spaniel (also known as Papillon) is not the most popular breed, but many people think it is the most beautiful decorative one. These small, long-haired animals can be wonderful friends and bring the mood in your home. This is an old ornamental breed emanating from France. It originates from the Spanish miniature spaniel, and in the past it was very popular in France, England, Italy and Denmark.

Its origins are a mystery. It turns out that this is one of the oldest breeds and its history can be traced back 700 years ago. The Renaissance period has left many drawings of cute little puppy - a favorite in the salons of the aristocracy. The breed can be encountered in the royal families of Europe at the time, but France is the one that it "sets" and perfected by many, so today in encyclopedias against "Country of Origin", we will read - France. In the past, there were several variations of the breed, but now are preserved only two – with hanging and with erect ears.

Physical characteristics

The Papillon is a small dog, with harmonious body and slender legs. The head is small and rounded, with a clear brow and a sharp snout, always with a black nose. The eyes are large and round, very expressive and dark. The tail is long, standing high and curved over the back, very fluffy. The fur reminds silk and is long on the entire body except muzzle and front legs. Its popular ears are rather prominent, heavily feathered.

The colors of the coat vary from black to brown, but it must have large patches of white base.

Males reach about 25 cm height and weighing 3-4kg, females - 1.5 kg.

Character and behavior

If you need a brave guard, barking at any suspicion of irregularity – this is not your dog. If you want, however, beautiful, cheerful companion - this is the perfect choice.

The Continental Toy Dog is funny, energetic, sincere and friendly animal who is very attached to his owner. He is full of life, very careful, agile and graceful.

Training and education

He needs exercise and movement, no more than any other active puppy. Like most small dogs, the Papillon possesses enough stubbornness, but is smart and intelligent, and easily learns the lessons of good behavior. The training for obedience is mandatory!

Health problems

Life expectancy is an average of 14-16 years. Representatives of the breed are prone to knee problems and eye issues, but are generally healthy animals.

Grooming and care

Grooming of Papillon is a relatively easy task. The coat requires daily brushing, especially on the belly, behind ears and fingers. You can bathe and cut the nails only if necessary. Check the ears regularly during hot seasons, to avoid infection caused by ticks and other parasites.

Leaving your Continental Toy Dog alone in the apartment is not a good idea, because he loves to bark.

Children and other pets

The Papillon is a great companion for many families. The puppy gets along very well with children, but they should be careful, cause this small pet can be easily injured. He loves to sit in your lap, but is not annoying or irritable.

Interesting facts

The common name of the Continental Toy Dog comes from the prominent ears in the shape of butterfly wings - from the French word "Papillon" - "Butterfly". The beauty of the animal inspired many artists such as Rubens and Van Dyck.

Also called "the dwarf spaniel", this was a popular dog among European aristocracy during the Renaissance. Even today, many celebrities choose this dog among other puppies for sale.