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The Greenland Dog (in Danish: Grønlandshunden) is a Nordic breed used mostly in dog sledding and hunting bears and seals. It is an ancient breed, considered a direct descendant of dogs imported into Greenland from the first Inuit.

Puppies for sale of this breed are extremely hard to find. Almost all of the specimens in Europe are imported from Greenland.

Physical characteristics

This dog has a sturdy construction and a strong structure. The wide head is carried proudly, the eyes are very alert. The ears are short, with rounded peaks. The strong back is short, the limbs are muscular and the paws are relatively large. The coat is very thick and soft. Males are about 60 cm tall, females - about 55 cm. The average weight is about 30 – 32 kg.

Character and behavior

These are extremely autonomous, independent and stubborn animals. While their games are pretty rough and wild, they are exceptionally friendly.

In recent years, this dog became very popular in Sweden and Norway, especially among people who deal with tourism. Dogs of this breed still live with the Eskimos and share the difficulties of life with them - they pull sleds or assist in hunting bears and seals.

Training and education

The training of the Greenland dog is quite a tough job and requires a lot of endurance, perseverance and undeniable leadership to acquire the necessary skills. This is precisely the breed, which has retained much of the wolf character and instincts. The owner should be very dominant and show his pet who the leader is.

Health problems

This breed is well known for its very good health. Some representatives may suffer from hip dysplasia, but overall the Greenland Dog is strong and hardy. The average life span is about 13 years.

Grooming and care

This is a dog that needs a lot of work and activities. Not suitable for living in an apartment. These dogs have always lived outdoors and need a wide yard, to go around, to play and run. Their requirements for movement are very high. They get bored easily and began to dig holes in the yard and barking excessively. The Greenland Dog has amazing skills to escape from the yard and a small fence is no obstacle at all.

Children and other pets

This dog is very enthusiastic, wildly, and a great friend to grown children. Representatives of the breed are not good guards as they are always friendly to strangers, despite the fact that they don’t like to be spoiled.

Interesting facts

2000 years ago, when the Eskimos left Siberia across the Bering Strait and reached Alaska, they were accompanied by their dogs. The journey was long and after many obstacles the Eskimos reached Greenland, where even today the native population cannot imagine its life without the sled dogs. In those distant times, the dog’s qualities of surviving in difficult winter conditions were indispensable. These unique dogs sleep together, huddling, covered their faces with the tail. Their specific coat helps them to endure horrendous temperatures of -50ºC. Extremely interesting is that Greenland dogs managed to cope with any kind of work receiving very scarce food. People depend on these four-legged friends who helped them in the pursuit and capturing of prey, and transport of heavy reindeer and polar bears. You can easily imagine how such a "raw" type dogs can get used to modern civilization - the process of socialization in our world for them is very difficult and flows through several generations. These animals are a little more aggressive towards other dogs and should be noted that they have difficulties to adjust to "normal" conditions - it is apparent that they preserved much of the character of their ancestors – the wolves.