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The Manchester Terrier originated in England and has a long history, dating back several thousand years ago. This dog was used for catching rats and other vermin and insects.

John Hulme is considered the “father” of the breed. In 1800 he crossed a whippet with different terriers to create the perfect hunter of mice, rats and other rodents.

For the first time the breed was registered in the AKC in 1886.

Physical characteristics

The Manchester Terrier is a small animal, but has a muscular and healthy body, a vital and intelligent look. His coat is short, shiny with black and tan color. The weight of the Manchester Terrier is around 5 - 7 kg for females and about 7 - 10 kg for males. Their height is between 38 and 43 cm.

Character and behavior

The Manchester Terrier is an agile, inquisitive and passionate animal. These intelligent dogs have plenty of energy and are very independent. Therefore, they are not a good choice for people who haven't any experience in raising dogs. Most representatives of this breed are obsessed with their belongings, including food and toys.

The Manchester terrier is attached to all family members, but has a special relationship with his owner.

Training and education

The Manchester Terrier is a cheerful dog with plenty of energy, that needs daily exercise. His greatest passion is to hunt other animals and birds, so when you go out for a walk in the park, don't let him off the leash. The breed is suitable for people who have enough time to devote to fun and games, because the terrier loves that.

Manchester terriers should be socialized properly from an early age, because they can be quite stubborn and get into fights.

Health problems

The average life span is currently stationed around 15-18 years. There are several health issues which should be taken into consideration, but they are relatively less compared to other breeds. Such problems are: VWD, PRA, thyroid problems, strokes, etc. Both parents of your puppy should have OFA and CERF certificates.

Grooming and care

Maintenance requirements of the appearance of the Manchester Terrier are from moderate to very low. It is necessary to comb their hair from time to time to keep it in excellent condition. Their fur does not fall much, so they are suitable for people who suffer from allergies.

These dogs shouldn't be left outside for a long period of time. The black coat usually attracts the sun when is hot and they could overheat or even die from a heat stroke. In winter, the short hair doesn't protect them from the cold, so you should keep your pet in the house most of the time.

Children and other pets

Manchester terriers get along well with children, especially if they grew up together. They are exceptionally cautious and reserved with strangers. Your pet will bark every time it feels something wrong - this makes it a very good guard home and family. These dogs get along well with other pets, but it is likely to pursue small animals such as guinea pigs.

Interesting facts

Until the 1959 both the toy Manchester and the Manchester terrier were registered as two separate breeds and crossing were allowed. Since 1960 they have become one breed with two varieties – toy and standard.

Another interesting fact about this dog is that a long time ago, the breeders were frustrated about the shape of the terrier's ears. As a result, some breeders ceased growing puppies and the breed became very rare. Thanks to some canine enthusiasts, the Manchester Terrier was saved.