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The Homeland of the Arabian Greyhound is North Africa, and there are informations about the breed from many centuries ago. They are also known as Sloughi. In the past they were mainly used for hunting bears, jackals, gazelles, rabbits, foxes and hyenas. Nowadays puppies for sale of this breed are hard to find. Their glory skirted around the world and can't leave indifferent any fan of the hounds. This most ancient Arabian breed has incredible speed and can catch a rabbit in a matter of seconds. Arabs consider that a two-year Arabian Greyhound should catch up a gazelle, and three-year – a boar.

The “Arab Star” debuted in Europe in 1898 and became known thanks to the trained eye of the Dutch painter August Legras. The breed was recognized by the FCI, KSGV.

Physical characteristics

The Arabian Greyhound is an exquisite dog who accidentally grabs your eye. This is an excellent hound, fast and elegant, with well developed muscles, tall and slender. The coat is short and smooth, soft as silk. The mountain type Sloughi have a more rough skeleton than the ones who live in the valleys. The height is around 61-72 cm and weight 20-27 kg. Coloration is all shades of yellow-reddish, from sandy to red ginger and possible combinations of brindle and black, opal and white.

Character and behavior

Arabian Greyhound is an aristocrat in the canine kind. The puppy needs good care, high class mutton and lamb food. Specimen of the breed can be pleasant companions, despite their independent hunting character.

This most ancient Arabian breed is very smart, well-behaved, energetic and loyal dog. They create a special bond with their owners and love the time spent together.

Training and education

You should start training your puppy as soon as you bring him back home. It is better to use only positive methods, as the Arabian Greyhound can easily be offended and feel bad, and bad attitude will definitely seal in his mind for a very long time. This dog is loyal, intelligent and calm but can be stubborn too. When you educate your puppy, you should be patient, consistent choose the rewards method rather than punishment.

Health problems

These dogs are characterized by very good general health, and the average lifespan is 10-15 years.

Sometimes they can have problems with the immune system, balance issues and hemophilia. Arabian Greyhounds, like many other similar breeds, are sensitive to anesthetics.

Grooming and care

The Arabian Greyhound puppy can easily be grown in the apartment, but it needs regular and long walks. Otherwise, behavior problems can appear. The coat of these dogs doesn't need special care and is maintained very easily. Their hair has no “doggy smell” and it is very easy to be cleaned. As a desert breed, the Sloughi should be protected in cold or very wet weather.

If you want to make your Arabian Greyhound happy, allow it to run off leash. But pay attention where you do that, it is possible to loose them if they see a prey. However Arabian Greyhounds are known for the fact that they always try to return to their owner.

Children and other pets

These dogs are great with grown-up children, puppies and other pets, they grew up with. They are patient and delicate with toddlers. It is normal to be suspicious and always alert when it comes to strangers.

In general they are calm, confident and friendly dogs who like treats and food.

Interesting facts

The Arabic meaning of the word “Slughi” is "as fast as the wind." Put the emphasis on the first syllable and you will get the exact pronunciation of the Arabian Greyhound. It is one of the oldest types of hounds - the Berbers of the Sahara know them for thousands of years. Muslims take this dog for a family member and treated him equally with the Arab horse "El Choir" - noble.