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Also known as Braque de l'Ariège, this dog is akin to the old French Braques and like them is quite slow and heavy. It is originated from crossing of the Spanish and Italian Pointing dogs. Breeders knew that it is better to alleviate the morphology of their dogs and crossed them with the Braque of Saint Germain. This made the dogs more elegant and fast. Like many other French fowler, the Ariege Pointing Dog got its name from the region in which it was created.

Physical characteristics

This is powerful and large dog, one of the largest among French fowler. His features resemble those of chasing hounds - skin folds in the neck, twisted ears heavy, oval paws and a hooked nose. The coat is short, thin and tightly. The tail is set low and is docked as in most continental short haired hounds. The coloring is white or orange with brown spots.

Height: Male - 60-67 cm, Female - 56-65 cm. Weight: 25–30 kg.

Character and behavior

He is considered one of the best hunting dogs. It is very docile and bound to his master. Very strong dog, the Ariege Pointer fits seamlessly in any weather situation and any terrain. He has an excellent sense of smell.

Training and education

The best accommodation for the Ariege Pointing Dog puppy is a house with enclosed garden where You should be a sports type so you can spend time on walks and jogging with your pet. The FCI standard describes the Ariege shines as suitable for all types of hunting. It is resistant, docile and easy to train. He loves his master and is not aggressive towards other dogs.

Health problems

There isn't any information about the Ariege Pointed Dog health. It is presumed that representatives of this breed are strong and healthy. The average life span is between 12 and 15 years.

Grooming and care

The Ariege Pointing Dog has very low grooming requirements except of some regular brushing.

This dog needs more attention when it comes to his nourishment. A healthy and balanced diet provides the puppy harmonious growth and contributes to the well-being, the shape and the dog's life. The power supply must meet the specific needs of the puppy or adult, depending on their age, size or activities (hunting, work, sports, etc ...)

Adapting their arrangement may be necessary in case of health problems, from gestation or lactation, or under particularly harsh climates.

Children and other pets

In general the Ariege Pointing Dog is good with other dogs. Nevertheless it is likely to chase or injure non-canine pets. We do not recommend searching puppies for sale of this breed if you plan to raise them with other small animals or pets.

Provided to let off steam, it can also be an excellent companion dog, gentle and suitable for well-behaved children.

Interesting facts about

In the late 1980s not a single Ariege Pointing Dog was registered in the LOF (Book of French origins). The LOF, needless to say, is the official book of the canine genealogy. It took the tenacity of a few people to revive the breed. They also formed the Club of Ariege Braque. After some research to find dogs that had the breed standards, two dogs were registered in the LOF in 1989, the first since 1964. The same year was born the first certified application. In 2010, 47 puppies were born. This seems little, but the race was reborn.