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The Small Brabant Griffon (original name: Griffontjes van Beigiei), also called Petit Brabançon, is one of three varieties of a Belgian breed that originates from the Belgian province of Brabant. The three main types of Griffon differ from one another only by a fur. In a single litter there could be Brussels Griffon, Belgian Griffon and Small Brabant Griffon. This breed is a cross between German Apfen Pinscher and Belgian yard dog.

In the 19th century, these dogs were very popular among the aristocracy, thanks to an interest of the Belgian Queen Marie-Henriette. The first standard was established only in 1998 and revised in 2003, because of a different color of hair.

Outside Belgium and France, this breed is very rare and puppies for sale are hard to find.

Physical characteristics

The Small Brabant Griffon has a short and smooth hair. This dog has a very distinctive snout-like nose, with no hair, giving it a human expression. Especially typical for the Brabant is an opposite bite – lower jaw is protruding. Length of its muscular body is equal to its height. Head is the most impressive part. Skull is round and wide with bulging forehead. Muzzle is very short, and its nose is black. The dog's eyes are wide apart, large and round, dark brown in color, and ears are small, set high on the head. Tail stands up high and is cut two-thirds of length. The dog's coat is short - up to 2 cm, sharp, smooth and shiny. Its color may be red, black or black with ginger spots.

Height of an adult dog reaches 25-27 cm. Average weight varies from 3.5 kg to 6 kg.

Character and behavior

Regardless of its small size, this decorative Small Brabant Griffon is fearless, joyful and cheerful. The dog is smart, good-natured, with good character, completely devoid of aggressiveness and rancor. It does not like to remain alone, and likes to be with its owners all the time. Unlike its decorative counterparts, it hasn't an infantile behavior of an annoying yapping dog.

Training and education

The Small Brabant Griffon is a smart and clever dog, so its training is easy and does not create problems. It likes to be rewarded after a job well done. For successful dressage it is necessary to establish a relationship of mutual trust between you and your pet.

Grooming and care

This dog is clean and does not require any special maintenance. Due to a fact that its hair is short, it is enough to comb it only once a week. It is better to clean ears of your Small Brabant Griffon, as well as its nails. Bathe your puppy if really necessary, but never during the winter. This breed feels perfect, even in a small apartment.

Health problems

The Small Brabant Griffon is a strong and healthy breed. Some representatives may suffer from certain eye diseases such as cataracts and retinal atrophy.

Average life expectancy is about 12 years, but with good care and a balanced diet your pet can live up to 14 years.

Children and other pets

These dogs get along very well with children and are excellent friends. The Small Brabant Griffon is like a kid and would be a great companion for children's games. Usually, it behaves friendly with other dogs, but may chase small animals, rodents, birds and cats.

Interesting facts

All three varieties are called “The little Belgians”. The first representation of a Small Brabant Griffon was drawn by the famous Flemish painter Jan Van Yeck in 1435.