Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen

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The Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen is a breed that originated from the XVI century. This interesting hunting dog is the result of many years of work with the Grand Griffon Vendeen. Both dogs originated from Vendée, France.

Physical characteristics

The most characteristic feature of this brave four-legged hunter is his firm, ruffled, untouched by human hand hair. The disheveled appearance of the coat does not affect the silhouette figure of a dog. The coat itself is rough and hard to the touch, very long, with the presence of dense, shorter undercoat. The ears are covered by long, thick hair that forms mustache and beard. The tail also is covered with dense, hard coat. Male representatives of the breed are 40-44 cm high, females are slightly shorter – 37-40 cm.

The general appearance of the dog may be described as "aristocratic negligent".

Character and behavior

This dog has a mysterious and glamorous appearance and character. But you should not forget that it was created for use during hunting, thanks to its strong smell. The conditions on the west coast of France, and in particular – Vendée, required courage, endurance, agility, purposefulness, vitality, flexibility and mental abilities. The Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen undoubtedly possesses this whole "bouquet" of qualities. Many hunters in France still look for puppies for sale of this breed instead of hounds or setters.

Dogs of this breed are energetic and able to hunt for days. Their temperament is cheerful, independent, good natured and obedient. Bold and energetic, this Basset is compact, strong and healthy dog. It seems constantly in "combat readiness", always busy, with a loud but quite sophisticated bark. Coloration of the dogs of this breed is white with any combination of orange, lemon, or black.

Training and education

In the past, the The Grand Basset Griffon was used to hunt wolves. Nowadays, it is used mainly for hunting pigs, but it is just as good for chasing rabbits. Very affectionate and very sensitive, this puppy is always cheerful, active and sociable. This breed has a nice temper, never shown to be nervous. Good natured and quiet, this dog is suitable for people with no experience in raising dogs. Very attached to his master, which helps a lot during training. The Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen loves long walks and will be extremely grateful if you provide them to him.

These are pack animals, so you should spend as much time as possible with them or you can buy a cat or another dog. Grand Bassets have a confident and happy personality, which can transform into disobedience, but in general they are kind, calm and perfect companions.

Health problems

The most common problems for the breed are aural, dermatologic and reproductive.

In 2004, the United Kingdom Kennel Club made a survey about the breed. The longest life span (from the 76 specimen) was 17,3 years and the shortest – 12,1 years. The leading cause of death was cancer, followed by old age and cardiac issues.

Grooming and care

The fur of the Basset Griffon Vendeen should be regularly cleaned and periodically combed with a special brush.

Children and other pets

These dogs are great companions for children as they would play with them all day long. Of course, as a hunting breed, the Basset Griffon could chase and kill small animals, rodents and birds.

Interesting facts

These dogs participate in exhibitions in their natural appearance. Any trimming to improve the shape and silhouette is punished with disqualification.

Today used primarily when hunting with a gun, it is capable of hunting all furry game, from the rabbit to the wild boar. A team of Grand Bassets won the 5th edition of the European Cup for hare.