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Homeland of the Polish Lowland Sheepdog, as its name suggests, is Poland. It is believed that this old Polish pastoral breed was created after crossings between the primitive type of the Hungarian Puli and long-haired shepherd dogs of the Huns. Some experts believe that it represents the link between many modern shaggy herding and pastoral dogs of the Ancient East. It is undisputed that this dog was involved in the creation of a number of Wire-haired pastoral breeds, including the Bearded Collie and Schapendoes.

The name is just a translation from Polish Polski Owczarek Nizinny (pronounced poll-ki ovcharik neeshinny). The dog is also known as PON in its homeland and in the USA.

The American Kennel Club recognized the breed only in August 2001.

Physical characteristics

The Polish Lowland Sheepdog has a proportional body, covered with a long and rough to the touch fur. Coloration occurs naturally in white, gray, sand, chocolate or black spots. The height of the representatives ranges from 43 to 51 cm, and the weight is about 14 - 16 kg. The head is usually covered with long hair and a square shape. The ears are hanging and difficult to distinguish. The eyes are round, the nose is large and dark. The neck is wide and the tail – very short.

Character and behavior

The Polish Lowland Sheepdog is a strong and brave dog, inspiring respect and excellent shepherd. Despite its natural amiability, it is ready to attack any enemy of its master. Its attractive appearance and dignified conduct simultaneously arouse respect and fear among bystanders. By nature, it is not a smoothie. This is an old shepherd breed that becomes more and more popular in Europe and listings for puppies for sale can already be found in Germany, France, Belgium and the United States.

Training and education

This is an extremely intelligent animal who will obey the commands of its owner. The Polish Shepherd is a hardworking dog that can protect a flock of sheep in any weather conditions.

The early socialization is a must. In training, use positive methods, but you must show your dog who the boss is.

Health problems

The Polish Lowland Shepherd is prone to hearing problems, epilepsy and hip dysplasia. The average life expectancy is about 12-15 years.

Grooming and care

The breed can be grown in an apartment, but needs regular and long walks. It is important for puppies to be socialized from an early age, and to educate them by using only positive methods. This dog is suitable for people who already have some experience in breeding dogs.

The fur should be brushed at least once a week to look good. Bathe your puppy only when needed.

Children and other pets

The Polish Lowland Shepherds are very intelligent and devoted to their owners. They get along very well with other pets and children. They can only show aggression towards other dogs of the same sex. They are always reserved, suspicious and alert with strangers.

Interesting facts

In the late 1979, Moira Morrison, a famous Collie breeder learned that the Polish Lowland Sheepdog is the real ancestor of the Bearded Collie. Later, she made all the necessary efforts to bring two specimens to the USA. A couple of year later, Betty and Kaz Augustowski, who had Polish roots, saw a note in a pet shop and bought their Polish Sheepdog. For more than 17 years, they did everything they can to make the breed famous and to convince the AKC to recognize it.

Although not officially accepted by the state authorities, the breed is considered a national dog of Poland.