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The Slovakian Wire-haired Pointing Dog or Slovensky Hrubosrsty Stavac (Ohar) is a breed of hunting and companion dogs. They are very effective in hunting and can do so in forests, plains and water in search of animals. This dog is used mostly for hunting rabbits and birds. It is born with the natural ability to retrieve.

The Slovakian Wire-haired Pointing Dog is a relatively new breed, whose selection has begun in the mid-20th century. It is the result of crossing the Czech breed Fousek and German hound Weimaraner with acute hair. In 1975 the breed was recognized in Czechoslovakia, and in 1982 received its international recognition.

In addition to their homeland Slovakia, puppies for sale are very popular in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Physical characteristics

The Slovakian Wire-haired Pointing Dog is strong, slender and muscular Pointer. Its head is long, proportional to the body and without folded skin. It carries it high up. The skull is square-shaped with pronounced eyebrows and bends over them. Back is straight and buff. Legs are long and well-muscled. It is necessary to cut spikes of internal paws. Dog's eyes are almond-shaped and are golden-brown. Ears are rounded. Nose is long, big and black. Tail is medium thick, hangs down when the dog is calm.

Top layer of fur is 4 cm. It is acute, right and fitting to a body and the lower layer is short and fine as fluff, usually in summer almost disappears. Coat is longer at the bottom of muzzle, forming a mustache and a beard.

Color of the coat is gray-brown with lighter and darker shades. Height of males is between 62 and 68 cm, while female's is between 57 and 64 cm. Average weight varies between 25 and 35 kg.

Character and behavior

The Slovakian Wire-haired Pointing Dog is strong, temperamental, very durable and hard dog that has great stamina and can therefore be used for different tasks without worrying about the cold and prickly bushes. At the same time, when not hunting, it is quiet and peaceful.

Usually this dog moves uniformly and vigorously, while hunting in plains running at full gallop.

Training and education

Because the Slovakian Wire-haired Pointing Dog is a calm and obedient dog, it easily lends itself to training and performs all commands. A well-trained dog can become a loyal companion and multi-functional assistant of hunter.

Grooming and care

The breed quickly gets used to living conditions in urban housing, but in this case it would need effective exercise to keep in good shape and health. It is necessary to brush the dog's coat once a week. After hunting or walking, you must check paws and ears. Bathe your pet only when necessary. It is better to trim hair between toes of paws.

Health problems

The Slovakian Wire-haired Pointing Dog is a healthy dog that does not show any specific pathologies. Of course, like all hunting breeds, it may suffer from hip dysplasia and joint problems, as well as eye and ear infections.

Average life expectancy is 12-14 years.

Children and other pets

This dog behaves well with children. It is friendly with adults, but if it smells danger, it will rush to defend its owners. It can live with other pets or dogs, but small animals are in danger, considering the hunting instincts of this Pointer.

Interesting facts

Newborns and young dogs of this breed has blue eyes.

A small number of specimens of the Slovakian Wire-haired Pointing Dog live in Switzerland, where they are used for rescue in mountains.