Frequently Asked Questions

How to post puppies for sale on website?

Make some dog-friendly, high quality pictures and fill the form below:

Is it free to advertise puppies on this website?

No, to protect you from scamers our "Standard plan" costs just 1 USD. Learn more about plans here:

How to get posted on your facebook fan page?

After placing an advertisement, choose the Featured Plan and in 1-2 days your puppy will be automatically posted on our facebook page. Don't forget to answer comments there!

Do you own the dogs, which are being advertised on

No, is a platform where anyone can post their advertisements.

How can I be sure that the seller is not a scammer?

We are not tolerating scammers and puppy mills. We are always trying to identify them and report them to the Police. But there is always a risk, so don't send your money upfront if you are not sure. Ask the seller to make a live video chat. Don't use shady payment methods, which do not let to identify the seller. What is more, you can also ask for a recommendations of a previous buyers if a seller already had a litter. Buy puppies only from the official breeders, registered in FCI, AKC, etc.

Is your website secure?

Yes, your personal information is safe with SSL - Secure Sockets Layer protection. Transactions for the plans are done through the biggest and most secure companies in the world - Paypal and Stripe.

How can I be sure that I am buying the exact breed?

We recommend buying only from the official breeders registered in FCI, AKC and etc.

Can you help with tips for preparing a home for a new family member?

Use the link bellow for articles about training your new puppy and getting your home ready: