Funny Pictures

                                              Ready or not, this goofball will getcha (so yon can play fetch with him)

                                                                 Peekaboo i see you, peekaboo pet me boo

                                                                Tennis is my new obsession #mykindoftennis

                                                      Don't wake me up till spring is here #hatecoldweather

                                                       Is this all for me? Oh gosh, oh dear, you shouldn't have!

                                     Yes, we would shamelessly forgive him every single time #puppyeyes

               When your babe says she'll be there in 5 but you end up waiting for hours #girlswillbegirls

                                                                      Gosh, you rad me like an open book!

                                            Add some bones for extra goodness and it will be just PERFECT!


                                                           The floor awaits, buddy! I've had enough of that!