Funny Pictures

                                                   Night night sweet, sweet pal, this will be a looooong week...

                                        Every step you take, every treat you bake, we'll be here waiting for scraps. 

                                                                      He's here, isn't he? #goshhowIhateit

                                                                      Can I comez with you? Phretty plez?

                                                                Same smile only 10 times cuter #allgrownup

                                                                     Winter days are for sleeping in, all of us.

                        What do you mean we're out of foaming shower gel? I cannot bathe without my bubbles!

                                                      You taste like fish, hooman. Did you eat at Chez Fishy?

                                               Can you please tell me again the story of how you rescued me?

                      I've been waiting for you to come home alllll day, luckily ducky kept me company.