Funny Videos

One little pup has found a friend, but how to get to him? I bet you never knew a mirror could be so… entertaining! This adorable fellow is bound and determined; nothing is going to stop him! This funny dog video will leave you breathless!

We all know Retrievers are smart dogs, but these two give a whole new meaning to the word ‘Genius’! Watch this funny dog video to see the real lengths two dogs will go to cool off!

Have you ever seen dogs play tag? Watch this cute dog video, and you’ll have seen it all! Which pup do you think will win?

There is always one mate with too much energy! Check out this funny dog video; this energetic pup might just make you dizzy! Be careful not to get in his way…

Watch this funny dog video as these hilarious Golden Retrievers patiently wait in line enter the house. Talk about wiping your feet; this brings the concept to a whole new level! 

Hey, wait a minute… It disappeared! You’ve never seen anything until you see the adorable reactions these dogs have to the magic tricks played on them. Watch this funny dog video, and see how different these pooches act!

You’ve never before seen a rescue like this one! Watch this cute dog video closely as this adorable little dog is carefully, painstakingly removed from the life threatening situation it has managed to squeeze itself into. Wait until you see what happens in the end!

Have you ever wondered how birds argue with each other, and how they handle the outcome? You haven’t seen anything until you watch these two funny birds duke it out! The end result will leave you breathless!

Have you ever seen a dog shop for groceries? Prepare to be amazed; this cute pup is about to do just that! What do you think he is going to buy with his little doggie sized shopping cart today? Hey- I think his friend might just want to go along for the ride!

Check out this adorable little puppy in our cute dog video! David and Goliath move over; a new champion is coming to town! Anyone that said Pit Bulls are aggressive have never met these two cuties. 

Lemon trees are very pretty, but I don’t think this cute Bernese Mountain Dog puppy wants to eat any lemons. It looks like the adorable pup is having way too much fun playing with it! Watch as this dog attacks a lemon!

Did you know- they make automatic toys for dogs now? With this crazy new invention, your dog will not only get perfect exercise, but have a blast doing it and leave you breathless from laughter at the same time! After watching this funny dog video, I guarantee you’ll want an automatic dog toy of your own!

It seems like kids never want to take naps, but Mom is always persistent. Have you ever wondered how dogs handle their energetic pups when nap time comes? Watch Carefully while these two German Shepherds show you!

What is cuter than a little toy Pomeranian? Several little toy Pomeranians! The even have little toy Pomeranian sized rooms of their own, with little Pom beds. Who wouldn’t want to have these adorable little grinning balls of fur in their home?

We all want someone to help out, to make life a little easier. Well, this cute dog is more than willing to work! Yes, you can certainly count on him to… hold your newspaper, squeeze your toothpaste, help wash your car, and just about everything else!

All this cute puppy wants to do is go for a little swim, but he just doesn’t seem to be able to figure out how to make it in the water. Don’t worry, this little one is persistent; he won’t give up until he makes a splash into that kiddie pool!

You’ve never seen a dog parody video like this one. Now we all know what dogs are thinking, and it is hilarious! Don’t be the odd one out who misses these silly pooches express themselves in the most hilarious ways!

I wonder if the kitten in this funny cat video knows exactly what is going on, or he just thinks his rabbit aggressor is trying to play? If play it is, at least they are both having a good time at the expense of the other!

I bet you couldn’t imagine one dog so small it could fit inside a plastic bowl, let alone three! Don’t worry, there is no lid on this bowl; the adorable pups are taking a bath in this cute dog video. They even get their own ‘doggie dryer’ near the end, but no worries- it is completely safe!

No, it’s my pillow, and you can’t have it! It looks like one doge is having way too much fun with his pillow, or rather keeping it from his owners. Watch this funny dog video, and see the lengths one pup will go to have a good time!

Apparently dog ears aren’t quite as tasty as lollipops! This pup must be surprisingly patient, to put up with the ‘ear nibbling’ treatment this little girl is dishing out. I sure hope she doesn’t decide to bite down any time soon…

You like bulldogs, and you like cute dog videos; why not roll the two together in one hilarious ‘double feature’? This pup is sure enjoying his well deserved rest. Perhaps all dogs deserve their own little ‘doggie hammocks’!

Take a look at the adorable pup in this cute dog video! Talk about waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Eventually he will catch his bearings, but the abnormally long wait for that to take place is outstanding!

Which one is the human baby, and which one is the dog? You won’t want to miss this, perhaps one of the cutest dog videos you’ve ever seen! Don’t you wish your own adorable little pup looked like the fellow in this video?

Take a look at the adorable French Bulldog puppy in this cute dog video! Is he giving a message, or does the little one want something? Dogs sometimes ‘yawn’ when stressed; it holds a different meaning for them then humans, so I’m inclined to lean toward the latter. Unfortunately, it seems like the mother isn’t planning on giving in!

Check out these two rad little rabbits, just eating their meals! Sorry; you’re simply not cool enough to join these two, but don’t worry! All you have to do is go grab some stylish shades, and join in the fun!

Watch out; this adorable Siberian Husky puppy will have you ‘gasping for air’ laughing! You’ve never before seen a dog do anything like the one in this cute dog video! Why do you think the husky is acting this way?

You won’t believe the dog in this cute dog video! Don’t you wish you could enjoy a massage like this adorable little fellow? It sure looks like nothing on earth could make him any happier than he is at that very moment!

You aren’t going to want to miss this cute pet video! It looks like this little rabbit has somehow ‘swam’ himself into a fascinating predicament here; do you think he will manage to eat himself out of it?

Have you ever noticed how your dog will try to paw you when he want’s something? Well, the Siberian Husky in this cute dog video brings attention to a whole new level! Uh-oh; I sure how the driver is watching the road...