Funny Videos

You might be able to expect this from an agile cat, but most dogs lack the coordination to perform such a daring feat! How do you think the owners of this pup managed to train him to perform this cool dog trick?

Check out the cool dancing display done by this cat! Is it meant to impress the kittens? Is he some type of ‘cat shaman’? Or- is he simply trying to get the attention of his little ones? Be sure to watch this funny cat video, and find out!

Saint Bernards are known as ‘Gentle Giants’ for a reason; this cute dog video proves it! Seems like the kitten has earned the title ‘Energizer Kitten’, because he comes right back (to the unfortunate displeasure of Mr. Bernard).

Most women love small, cute and cuddly animals. Most women love flowers. People, in general, enjoy contrasting colors; they stand out wonderfully. We’ve put them all together in this cute dog video for you!

That must be the best ice cream ever! But… why is the girl giving it away? She seems a bit undecided on that one, but at least the dog seems to love it! Make sure not to miss this cute dog video!

Is there anything cuter than a tiny dog trying his best to make it over a tiny dog-sized fence? A little baby could probably get over that one! Don’t worry; for this Corgi, ‘giving up’ isn’t an option.

These two are the best of friends, sticking with each other through it all, thick and thin. A little baby, and his much bigger doggy buddy; could there ever exist a stronger bond?

Don’t miss the amazing dog trick performed in this cool dog video! Don’t have enough human partners to make up a team? No problem at all! Can your dog do this?

Don’t you wish you could be like this mouse, chewing away, not a care in the world? Maybe you’re suddenly experiencing a craving for popcorn? Or maybe you want to go out and adopt a mouse as a pet!

You’ve never seen anything cuter than these two puppies! Do you think they are dreaming about being older and larger? What do you think is going on in their little puppy minds?

Is it aliens, or some type of man made robotic species of death? Nope; it is a dog! You won’t want to miss this cute dog video; these two are making the strangest noise! What does it all mean?

Did you know bunnies love bananas? Well, this adorable rabbit sure does! Watching him chomp away just makes you want to cuddle up close and squeeze him until all his cuteness bursts out like a volcano!

What in the world did that Husky do to… what is that? It looks like his head is attached to nothing! What a silly puppy! Can you guess what he is in; is it some sort of soft Kennel, or an odd box of some kind?

Is this dog tired, or what?!! I, for one, certainly believe dogs deserve no less than human children- if you have no children, anyway. Be sure to watch this cute dog video, and decide for yourself!

Giving dog messages must be an artform, because this owner is a master! Or, at least the little puppy seems to think so. I bet you wish you could have gotten messages like this when you were a baby.

Don’t our puppies just love to be like us? Believe it or not, this little Retriever puppy sure does! ! Thankfully, her beloved human owners were gracious enough to accommodate her with a very own puppy designed slide of her own!

Perhaps the best job grooming ever attempted, this daring puppy endures the unknown with unbelievable cuteness! How well behaved and calm he is; it must make grooming unbelievably simple!

Check out the cute little monkey in this amazing animal video! What a rare animal; you’ve certainly not seen anything like this little monkey before! What do you think the adorable monkey is thinking right now?

Perhaps the sweetest mother and child on earth, these two beavers truly look peaceful. Is this how all beavers act, or just these two? Watch this cute beaver video, and decide for yourself!

You’ve purchased a new Christmas tree, and your dogs are going absolutely bonkers over it. Is it the new tree smell that is driving them wild? Or, maybe they associate the tree to wonderful Christmas fun yet to come? Watch this cute Christmas dog video to find out!

These cute little Pugs sure are enjoying some winter fun! Bundled up and warm, they are experiencing the winter festivities in their own little Pug sized sleds!

Animals sure seem to have it down, so why are we people still having such a hard time? These cute fellas sure set a great example for us to follow, basking in the warmth and companionship of each other!

This hilarious cat just won’t leave his dog buddy alone! Surprisingly patient, the dog just lies there and puts up with the cat’s nonsense. But for how long will his tolerant mood last?

What an amazing dog we have here! This guy can do it all it seems, from wrapping to walking; or is that just some impressive camera work? Watch this cool dog video, and you decide!

Where did the ball go? What craziness is this?!! That human is just being silly again; I simply can’t take it anymore… Watch this funny monkey video to see what happens!

Check out the lazy cat on this funny cat video! It is hilarious, how much effort he exerts to not actually ‘work’; looks like he ends up working harder in the long run!

Wow; these Panda Bears sure are getting some fantastic play time in with an amazing handler! Don’t miss this adorable Panda video; you’re sure to regret it if you do!

Uh-oh, one of these two cute dogs stole the cookie from the cookie jar, but which one? Were they both in on the heist? Watch this cute dog video, and decide who the cookie monster really is in the end!

Siberian Huskies are known to burrow holes amid the snow to protect them from the harsh elements; they in fact smeep within snow-mounds. Other dogs, however, like this one? They normally don’t carry on this behavior. Perhaps this smart pup finally discovered a way to retaliate to his mini-tormentor!

These dogs are the epitome of coolness, just laying there with their cool shades and there cool attitudes. Not even members of the same species, the animals in this cute animal video show us how to act.