Funny Videos

So much zen, so much peace, another proof that everyone loves dogs!

Good boi know what he has to do and he keeps on squeezing until he finds the perfect fit. 

Beat it, can’t you see I’m not in the mood? I’m maaaad, you better keep your distance, hombre!

Why invest in a sprinkler system when you have the ol’ reliable gs to help you out?

When you can’t decide if you want a dog or a teddy bear so you end up with these ginormous poodles. 

When you’re a mountain of a dog but still have your insecurities.

When you’re third wheeling and she wants to make sure you know that! 

“Wait for me man! Boy, it’s hard keeping up with you!”

These two chihuahuas are all of us when Monday creeps into us. 

Poodle or sheep? Sheep or poodle? Some mysteries can’t be solved...

This is what pure joy looks like! Also, let’s admit something here, the tongue makes for about 70% of this video.

When you have the autumn blues and September has barely started!

When you can’t catch your tail and you make do with a back leg #smallvictories

Man, I can sure get used to this! Just look at his face waiting for that shake #socute

When a k-9 dog is this cute can he still be tough? I for one don’t want to be chased by Jester!

Can you imagine a cat greeting her human like this doggo? No, you can’t, this is Sci-Fi talk!

One for the money, two for the show, this dog is storing cuddles & kisses for the hard winter ahead.

When you see your best buddy after what seems like eternity and you’re both over the moon. 

You gotta be super duper nice to get this kind of gift!

When your 80 lbs dog thinks he’s a dog lap and begs for sweet love. 

When you’re being attacked by a small sausage you know you’re in deep trouble.

To be a kid again with three things on your to-do list: eat, sleep, and play. 

This is a very familiar sight for every dog human out there. The moment when your dog is awake and he’s eagerly waiting for you to wake up.

This dog really loves his walks! On another note, how cute is that nose close up?

When the neighbour’s dog is willing to play you better be willing to throw the ball. 

When you’re home after a busy day and all you want is to sit on your sofa watching Netflix and having some pizza. 

Rent a boat, take your doggos and you will have endless fun. Just don’t forget, safety comes first!

When your dog is as hooked as you to Fortnite and forces you to carry him around just so he can watch. 

I didn’t choose thug life, thug life chose me, am I to blame?

A good break after a short walk in the scorching hot sun and this doggo is good to go.