Funny Videos

This puppy can’t have enough of this back and forth play and we can’t have enough of their play!

This is a fun trick that catches on fast and it’s so darn cute.

On a scale from 1 to 10 this cutie is a strong 15 and chances are he knows it already. He’ll get away with anything, at least in our book. 

Ivy Kite is an Australian Shepherd with a knack for trust falls, she delivers every single time. 

Between car seats, on car seats, under car seats, when sleep hits you hard, you gotta’ listen. 

Biggie Notorious P.U.G. knows a good beat when he hears one. 

Otis The Sheepadoodle loves to spend his time watching videos or facetiming. Yes, you heard that right, this adorable fluffer FaceTimes!

If you don’t like running in the rain you resort to your old buddy, the treadmill. 

It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's Ringo, the Border Collie that absolutely loves water. PS. This video wasn’t sped up, this is how he runs when he sees water. 

Stop the press! This adorable dog is performing CPR on his hooman and this is hands down the best thing we’ve seen this year!

Nothing wakes this pup up better than a quick snack served by your favorite human. How can he say no to a crunchy treat?

One, two, three, the mud is all on me! After this walk the doggo will need a lot of scrubbing. 

This is how you get down a hill in style, hoping for the best. All the judges gave him a 10 for effort and stamina. 

When summer is already here and you’re not ready for bikini season so you amp your fitness game. 

Will this bulldog manage to get his feet off the ground and reach Mount Chair?

Corgis are known for their fluffy butts but we bet you didn’t know that they have their own built-in full-proof flotation device. 

How long until this doggie will empty his hamster-like cheeks? 

Just imagine having this cute little pupper following you every time you go to the bathroom... 

Funniest reaction to this cute challenge, he has no clue where his human disappeared. 

You know he’s ashamed by the way he walks #sosoguilty Having both a dog and a trash bin intact is close to impossible,  these cuties love to put their noses in the most revolting stuff. 

This dog has got the hops, doesn’t he? His jump looks like a cool Matrix stunt #HollywoodDoggo

The way this Australian Shepherd times his dive is perfection! To be honest, we could watch this all day!

One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready and now go go go! Roxy The Doxy aka the flying sausage is all of us when weekend is just around the corner.

One little pup has found a friend, but how to get to him? I bet you never knew a mirror could be so… entertaining! This adorable fellow is bound and determined; nothing is going to stop him! This funny dog video will leave you breathless!

We all know Retrievers are smart dogs, but these two give a whole new meaning to the word ‘Genius’! Watch this funny dog video to see the real lengths two dogs will go to cool off!

Have you ever seen dogs play tag? Watch this cute dog video, and you’ll have seen it all! Which pup do you think will win?

There is always one mate with too much energy! Check out this funny dog video; this energetic pup might just make you dizzy! Be careful not to get in his way…

Watch this funny dog video as these hilarious Golden Retrievers patiently wait in line enter the house. Talk about wiping your feet; this brings the concept to a whole new level! 

Hey, wait a minute… It disappeared! You’ve never seen anything until you see the adorable reactions these dogs have to the magic tricks played on them. Watch this funny dog video, and see how different these pooches act!

You’ve never before seen a rescue like this one! Watch this cute dog video closely as this adorable little dog is carefully, painstakingly removed from the life threatening situation it has managed to squeeze itself into. Wait until you see what happens in the end!