Funny Videos

                                                 This is proof that leaves and dogs get together no matter what.

                    The bestest surprise E V E R! Forget about deadlines, petting dogs has priority in our book.

                                                 This is next level of cute guys, just look at those beady eyes! 

                                                                     Let's admit it, white dogs can't jump!

                                               Bubbles, bubbles everywhere, so freakin' cute and hilarious!

                                                    The uncatchable rubber duck, every dog's worst enemy...

                            You know you've trained your dog well when he brings his own pillow to the sofa. 

                                             We would trade places with this pupper in a second #adultingishard

                                                                              How freakin' cute is he, guys?

                       Treadmill, a love it or hate it kinda deal. And yes, the second dog is simply not having it!