2Puppies.com - PRIVACY POLICY

  1. Who We Are: This website located at https://2Puppies.com, together with its related blogs and subdomains (hereafter the “site” or “website”) is an online dog and puppy advertising platform owned and operated by 2Puppies, a business entity based in Land having its registered address at office Unit 15815, Courier Point, 13 Freeland Park, Wareham Road, Poole, Dorset, BH16 6FH, UK. 2Puppies values your integrity and is dedicated to processing personal data in a fair and lawful way. We are therefore providing this Privacy Policy to inform you on how we gather, organize, use, keep, protect, transfer or disclose (together referred to as “processing”) personal information as well as the rights and choices that you have with respect to your information. This Policy also explains our obligations surrounding personal data we collect from and about you in accordance with the European Union General Data Regulation and other laws applicable to protection of privacy and personal data. In line with the GDPR, we act as the data controller when we process your information in relation to the use of this website. Please read this Policy carefully because it regulates how we deal with your information. By using the site and our advertising service, you are warranting that you have read this Policy and accept to be bound by it. If you do not agree with this Policy, we advise you not to use this website.
  2. Data We Collect: The type of data gathered by 2Puppies differs depending on how you engage with our services and website. While we collect data that you give us on of your own free will, we also collect data about your interaction with our website as explained below:
    • Data You Give to Us
      • Registration Data: When you register as user of 2Puppies platform, we collect personal information which is needed to complete your registration and create your account. This information includes your name, email address, phone number, physical address as well as country of residence.
      • Contact Information: When you contact 2 Puppies to make an enquiry, we will collect your name, email address and phone number.
      • Payment Information: We use Stripe and PayPal to process payments. When you purchase our advertising plans, these payment providers may gather and use certain personal and payment information needed to confirm and complete your transaction. This information is not collected or received by 2Puppies.
      • Puppy Listing Information: When you create and advertisement for sell of a dog or puppy, we will require you to supply certain information about the dog or puppy so as to be able to create and list your Ad on the platform. This includes breed type, gender, birth date, price, image, availability as well as description.
      • Information from Social Networks: When you register at 2Puppies, you will be able to create a personal password and username needed for accessing your account. In addition to this log in credentials, we also allow user to log in to our website using their social networks accounts such as Facebook and Google accounts. If you authenticate yourself at 2Puppies using social network accounts, we will collect your user name and/or email address so as to log you in to the site. 2Puppies does not collect and will not receive the password of your social network account
    • Information We Collect About You: When you view the site, our systems automatically register certain data about the use the site. This includes:
      • Interaction Data: When you view and navigate the site we collect data about your internet protocol address, type and versions browser used to view the website, the type and operating system of the computer, tablet or smartphone used to view the site as well as pages visited on the site
      • Search queries: Our websites provides the functionality to search for dogs and puppies for sale by breed. When you enter a breed name, for example, you will be able to view all puppies for sale for that particular breed including their descriptions. When you do so, our systems may register those search terms using cookies and other technologies.
      • Analytics Data: 2Puppies uses third party website analytics tools such as Google Analytics to track the website usage and performance. We use Google Analytics to measure web traffic to our site generate analytic reports on the performance of our website. Google Analytics, as a third-party software service owned by Google Inc., may set third-party tracking cookies on your device to collect certain non-personal information about your use of the site. To understand what Google Analytics does and how to opt-out of it, please visit Google Analytics’ help pages.
  3. Lawful justification For Collecting Personal Data: Since the adoption of the GDPR, business who process personal data must demonstrate that they have lawful grounds for collecting an individual’s personal data. When handling your data, we rely on the following lawful bases.
    • Performance of Contract: We will collect your registration and contact information to fulfil our obligations under any online advertising contract between you and us or to answer any questions or queries before entering into such contract.
    • Consent: We will collect the contact information you provide when contact us on the basis of your consent. When you create an account on the site, you will also be providing your consent for the use of your personal data in administering and completing your registration. At times we will provide you with the option to consent to receive email notifications about dog and puppy availability.
    • Legitimate Interest: We collect website usage and analytics data as defined above in our legitimate interest to develop, personalise and improve our advertising services
    • Compliance with applicable law: In certain situations, we may be required to collect, store and/or disclose personal and other data in accordance with the law or orders of a court or law enforcement.
  4. How we Use Data and Information: We use personal data and data about website usage for the following purposes:
    • Provide access to our content and advertising services: We use your registration data to create your 2Puppies account and offer your access to our advertising plans and services. As a registered user, you will also be able to purchase dogs and puppies and manage your ads.
    • Communicate and inform you: We use your contact information to communicate to you and inform you about your advertising plans including when it is about to expire, customer enquiries about your ads listed on the site as well as to answer your questions and provide information requested by you.
    • Improve and personalise our website and content: 2Puppies strives to provide reliable and informative content about dogs and puppies. We continually update information about dogs and puppies’ history, breeds, characteristics, character and behaviour, training and education, health information, grooming and care. It is in our legitimate interest to understand the effectiveness of the content we provide and how it relates to our marketing and advertising efforts. We will therefore use website and analytics information to track and understand the effectiveness of out content with the to improve it
    • Marketing: We may use website interaction and analytics data for marketing and advertising purposes. We may therefore use this data to serve and optimise targeted data across other websites outside of the 2Puppies platform.
    • Secure and protect our platform and services: We also use data generated by website usage to monitor, detect and prevent fraudulent usage and other attempts to misuse the site or circumvent any access control on the site so as to protect the safety and integrity of our users and their personal data.
    • Comply with the Law. We may process personal data if we are compelled to do so under any law or order of a court.
  5. How We Share or Disclose personal Data. 2Puppies will not sell or rent your personal data any circumstances. In some case however we may be compelled to disclose certain personal data for particular purposes. These are:
    • Business partners and service providers: 2Puppies may share certain personal data to partners or providers who assist it to deliver or maintain its services on its behalf. This includes for example companies we have engaged to protect our website, provide technical support and website maintenance, email service delivery as well as web hosting service. These providers agree to process personal data in accordance with this Policy and applicable laws and will have limited access to only data which is required for the performance of their obligations to us.
    • Sale of business or transfer of assets: If 2Puppies is sold or acquired by another business, we may share certain personal data such as customer lists to the resultant business entity as part of that transaction.
    • Comply with the law: 2Puppies may disclose personal data when required to do pursuant to a written order of a court or request of law enforcement agency.
    • Marketing and Advertising: As an advertising platform, we strive to increase the exposure of our dog and puppy advertising business. We will non-personal data (website usage and analytics data) to serve targeted ads to users across the internet basing on their interaction with our website. 2Puppies will not use personal data for direct marketing purposes except where you have expressly consented so or where we have lawful basis, other than consent, to do so.
  6. How we protect your Personal Data: 2Puppies works actively to promote the integrity and security of personal data. To promote data security and protect it against loss, theft and authorised access, change and disclosure, we have implemented a standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology. We have also adopted technical and organisational measures aimed to prevent attempts to compromise personal data. Please note that while we work hard to protect personal data, we do not make or offer warrant of any kind of data security.
  7. How Long We Retain Your Data: 2Puppies will only retain personal data if it is needed in relation to the purpose for which it was collected and as long as you are a customer with 2Puppies. We will also keep personal and other data which is needed for fulfilling our obligations under any contract with you or for complying with the law. All data which is no longer needed or in respect of which consent for processing has been invalidated, will be erased as soon as possible. When you close your advertising account or where we no longer have a lawful basis to process your data, such data will be erased.
  8. Data Subject Rights: You have the following rights in accordance with applicable data and privacy protection laws:
    • Access Personal Data: You have the right to request without charge detail concerning the types of information we have collected about you. This information may include among other things the purposes for collection, the categories of personal information to which processing applies, and/or parties to whom such data has been or will be disclosed. Your request must be in writing and signed by you personally and contain your contact details such as name, email address and physical address and the type of information you are requesting from us.
    • Correction of Inaccurate or Incomplete Data: If you are personal data is inaccurate, incomplete or irrelevant, you have the right to request rectification od such data
    • Erasure of Data: You have the right o request for deletion of personal data under certain circumstances. We will not erase your personal information which we are requested to retain under applicable laws
    • Restrict or limit the processing of personal data: You have the right, in certain cases, to request that the processing of your personal data be restricted. By “restricted”, it means that personal data will be marked so that in the future it is used only for the undisputed purposes. This right applies for example when you believe that personal information we hold about you is inaccurate and demand correction. In those situations, you may demand that the processing of your personal data be restricted until the inaccuracies are fixed.
    • Object to certain uses of personal data: You have the right to object to processing of personal data which is done in our legitimate interest for direct marketing or profiling for marketing purposes. If you object to processing of personal data, we will only process such data if we have a compelling legitimate interest which overrides your individual interest, rights and freedoms or where processing is necessary for securing, exercising or defending our legal rights.
    • Obtain and Transfer Personal Data to Other Controllers (Data Portability): Where you have provided personal data to us, you have the right to obtain and transfer your information to another data controller under certain circumstances. You only have this right if the processing is based on your consent or performance of contract and this right applies only to data that you personally provided to us. It does not apply to data we collect through other means.
    • Complaints: If you believe that we are processing your personal data in contravention with applicable data protection laws, you have the right to submit a complaint to your data supervisory authority.
  9. Links to Other Websites: We may occasionally feature links to other websites on our website. Please note that the sites linked from this site are not owned or controlled by us and the inclusion of such links is not an endorsement. We will not accept liability for their information gathering policies or the services, content and products provided thereon. If you follow such links, you click on them at your own risk.
  10. Data Breach Notification: If 2Puppies becomes aware of a breach involving your personal data we will without unreasonable delay inform you of the nature of the breach, the probable consequence of that breach and the actions you can take to deal with or reduce the harmful impact of such breach.
  11. Changes to our Privacy Policy: 2Puppies may update this Policy at any time so as to comply with relevant privacy laws or change in our data gathering policies. When we do so, we will always post an updated version of this Policy on the site and where appropriate we will notify you of the changes via email. Please review this Policy periodically.
  12. Contact Information: For questions and enquiries or request to exercise any of your rights stipulated in this Policy, please contact us via contact form : https://2Puppies.com/contact-us
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